June 20, 2024

Which drug addictions do rehabs deal with


Drug addictions are very dangerous to the health of an individual. It is really sad that once a person is addicted to a drug, the addictions are likely to remain until death—unless professional assistance is being sought after. Drug addictions are one of the world’s top social problems.

According to World Health Organization, at least 15.3 million persons have drug use disorders in the world. A staggering number of 148 countries in the world are known for the injection of drug use. This means drug-related issues really call for attention, dedication, and assistance.

The current evolution of California Residential Inpatient Rehab Center came as a result of the growth in drug-related issues bothering the country, affecting many youths and aged. Many of the rehabs such as Resurgence Behavior Health have drug rehabilitation programs designed to help people to deal with drug-related problems.

The following are the five core drug addictions dealt with in a typical inpatient rehab in California.

  1. Alcohol Addiction
  2. Marijuana Addiction
  3. Stimulant Drug Addictions
  4. Prescription Drug Addictions
  5. Opiate Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol comes on the top of the list when it comes to drug addictions. Even though there is a nationwide awareness about the drastic effects of alcohol on the body, many people have turned deaf ears to it. World Health Organization (WHO) reports that alcohol addiction is responsible for 3.3 million deaths each year. And it is one of the top cases dealt with in many California detox centers today.

Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana Addiction seems to bother almost every country. Despite the security and policing systems set up in the world to control and prevent people from smoking marijuana, drug cases related to it seems to always be escalating. Marijuana addiction is very serious and can make people go mad. Many people in inpatient rehabs in California have been jeopardized through marijuana addictions.

Stimulant Addictions

Stimulant addictions are very serious. Stimulant drugs are often taken by street guys to stimulant them to carry out their vicious assignments. The most common stimulant drugs are cocaine and amphetamines. These drugs may stimulant people to do certain things but will end up making them hostile and paranoia. Tobacco is another stimulant drug which later affects the lives of many.

Prescription Drug Addiction

This may probably be the most common addiction among people who are given to TV commercials about drugs. In the quest for pharmaceutical companies to help people with diverse kinds of health challenges, they make drug prescriptions which later become an addiction of many. People take these drugs without the doctors’ guidance. This finally affects their lives leading them to the rehab for assistance with the addiction.

Opiate Addiction

Opiate addictions are common with people who are suffering from intense pain. Opioids are used to reduce pain and make it acute. But the problem is that it develops into an addiction and later affects the person’s life negatively.

Once you know you are suffering from single or multiple additions, it is important to consult an expert at any of the California detox centers for assistance.

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