July 24, 2024

What is self-hypnosis and how is it effective on you?


Self-hypnosis is one of the most interesting aspects of this technique. Hypnosis is more present in your lives than you imagine. In fact, if this is only a state of more or less acute and focused attention, every day you suffer to a greater or lesser extent one or several “hypnosis”. Advertising – especially on TV aims to hypnotize you so that you buy a product, politicians use very elaborate communication and image techniques to capture your attention, even where the final impression is more important than the speech itself.

But returning to classical hypnosis, there are subliminal online terapi techniques to induce a subject to hypnotic states and induce him, without the need for loss of consciousness – to a certain behavior or attitude.

Can you hypnotize from a distance?

This is one of the most passionate research fields in the field. It is disturbing to see that in many cases under hypnosis mental activity, its scope and scope of knowledge will exceed space and time. Your nervous system is a real network through which low voltage electricity circulates – where there is electricity, electromagnetism can be given, so the network of neurons extended throughout your anatomy becomes a virtual transmitter of frequencies that can incorporate certain information.

However, there are two against absolute indications – in general hypnosis should not be practiced to people with schizophrenia or serious mental illnesses why? Because you could aggravate their symptoms other than that they would be difficult to induce. The second case is about people with epilepsy or who have had recent crises of this type – during hypnosis one of these crises could occur, so prudence advises against submitting them.

Modern-day situation

Currently, hypnosis is tested in the clinical field and in different therapeutic fields. By hypnotism, you can understand the induction in a subject of a psychophysical dissociation more commonly called trance, which allows influencing the psychic, somatic and visceral conditions, thanks to the relationship between these and the hypnotist.


Hypnosis can be useful for improving athletic performance. When you compete, balance and mental preparation are a very important component, which should not be underestimated. On the contrary, a lucid and concentrated mind not only allows managing anxiety in a more functional way but also helps the person to be one with the body, positively influencing heartbeat, resistance, fatigue.

Hypnosis in Hypnos Stockholm allows acting on the quality of rest and helps reduce insomnia. The factors behind a problem of insomnia can be multiple, including smoking, eating, stress, bad habits, and worries. The treatment of sleep disorders through hypnosis works on a state of deep relaxation to which the person is accompanied with sweetness.

When is hypnosis effective?

Hypnosis can potentially bring benefits in many problems, including the reduction of anxiety in all its manifestations, making life better for the person. There are more and more people suffering from anxiety, a condition accentuated by the frenetic pace of the society.

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