June 14, 2024

What Are The Biggest Dental Care Mistakes You Could Make?


Dental health is often seen as something that is really simple. After all, you just need to brush your teeth, floss and then repeat. Unfortunately, this is not actually enough.

All the general guidelines you will read about dental care are simple. Just view site and you get all the information you need. You learn all the basics that should be known. However, when you want to properly take care of teeth and gums, there are different subtleties you have to be aware of.

The biggest dental care mistakes you could make are actually some that you do because you want to have white, healthy teeth. This is why you absolutely need to avoid the mistakes that are listed below. There is a pretty good possibility you already make some of them.

Snapping The Floss

It is great that you floss and you should do this every single day. However, most people out there do not actually know how to properly floss. The one thing you should not do is snap floss between teeth. What you have to do is guide the floss gently between chompers. You need to use zig-zag motions. If you pull the floss down and you do it way too hard or too fast, your gums are going to be harmed.

Brushing Teeth Too Hard

For most people, it seems logical to brush teeth hard. The thought process is that this gets teeth shinier and cleaner. That is not the case. When you overbrush your teeth you are faced with increased tooth sensitivity and it is possible that you have to deal with receding gums. The dentist can easily tell you if you overbrush and will recommend a different toothbrush. Some people have sensitive teeth and they need to use extra-soft or at least soft toothbrushes.

Brushing Way Too Soon After Eating

The common belief is that you want to brush your teeth as soon as you finished eating. Unfortunately, this is not a good idea. Some time should be left after eating. The official recommendation is to wait a minimum of 30 minutes. This is because sugars and food acids are temporarily weakening the teeth’s protective enamel. When you just wait for half an hour after an acidic meal you actually protect your teeth.

Starting To Brush Your Teeth From The Same Place

This happens because we get used to how we brush our teeth but unfortunately, it is never a good idea to start regular brushing at the exact same point every single time. This is due to the fact that you normally become complacent as you brush your teeth. Unfortunately, without you even knowing why it happens, your teeth end up receiving uneven care. The solution is really simple. All you have to do is to start in a completely different place every single time you brush your teeth. This helps you to not be lazy in the same mouth areas. Your teeth just receive better overall care through brushing in the long run.

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