June 16, 2024

Visit these popular barbershops in Chicago for quality grooming services


There mainly two types of barbershops you’ll find in Chicago. Firstly the latest type of men’s salon which are equipped with the latest services and gadgets; secondly the ones which have a vintage look and looks like those which your grandfather visited in the 1950s. However, the barbershops which are mentioned below have been personally visited and reviewed. All these barbershops in Chicago have incorporated various concepts in their shops about which everybody should know. Also they have some of the finest and experienced barbers to provide you latest haircuts and fresh looking shave. Let’s have a brief review of some of them.

The Blind Barber

Located at the 339 East 10th St, New York, the Blind Barber is the new age barbershop which has a bar attached it. The customers can visit the bar during the evening hours and enjoy their cocktail drinks. This barbershop is opened daily and they offer various cocktails for their customers to sip while they get their hair trimmed. The price of the haircut, shaving and beard trimming is quite reasonable when you are offered a drink along, but you should visit the shop with at least $50 in your pocket.

The Gabby’s Barbershop

This is one of the traditionalbarbersserving the Lakeview area since 1980. It works on the traditional ‘first come, first serve bases. There are five chairs in the shop waiting for your turn to come. Just visit the shop, write your name on the chalk board and wait for your turn. By the time your turn comes, you can enjoy reading magazine, use the Wi-Fi and soft big band music. If you wish to get a haircut by a particular barber mention the initials of his name along with your name and circle it. No matter how busy he is, you will be served as your turn comes.

Good services at an affordable price!

Merchant & Rhoades

You will certainly love the concept of barber downtown Chicagoinfrastructure, just like I did. They have given their barbershop that vintage look which used to be there few decades back. The dark wood furniture, the vintage pictures, the timeless pieces of tools will take you to the barbershops of 1950s. It is one of the best barbershops for haircut and numerous other grooming services and much more than that. If you wish to visit them, jus drop a call and fix an appointment for getting served better.

Van Buren Gentlemen’s Salon

While you might thought that the barbershops can have only male staff, this shop breaks the old concepts and have exclusive female staff. Located at 235 W. Van Buren St, they offer various services like, shaving, haircut Nioxin treatment, facials, spas, waxing, manicures and shoe shines also. You can become a member if want to avail unlimited haircuts and other services for a year.

Maestro Shave Barbershop

Stop at the Maestro Shave Barbershop located at 770 N LaSalle St. Chicago and experience complete grooming services offered by the Maestro himself. The rates are quite reasonable and it works on ‘Cash only’ basis. First come and get served first. You can also book appointments over the phone.

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