July 20, 2024

Various Ways To Use The Retainer Brite To Clean Appliances


It is sometimes time-consuming on getting the mouth guard or any mouth appliances. There are many ways to clean the appliances quickly and here comes using the retainer brite. A tablet cleaner gets dissolved in water and the solution produced has a bubbling effect that helps in cleaning the mouth appliances. Using it on a regular basis, you can keep your appliances odor free.

Understanding the Need for Using Retainer Brite

Often people wear the retainer, but they don’t take very good care of it. The retainer inside the mouth and sitting right across the teeth quickly makes a home for bacteria accumulate plaque and tartar. Just like people brush their teeth regularly, you must clean your retainer regularly. It has been seen that most people are ordered to wear the retainer full-time for some time once their braces get removed.

It is because teeth don’t get set in a rigid environment even if they are already get corrected using braces and moved to a new and better position. They sometimes get shifted over time.

It helps the muscles in your mouth to hold teeth at their new placement. Some people are ordered to wear their retainers often in the night as well for an indefinite time.

Variety of Retainers Used

There are different types of retainers and for cleaning them, different methods are used. It is advised to floss the retainer every day as they are mostly attached to the teeth. Different methodology and ways can be demonstrated by the doctor. Just like Brushing is important, cleaning the retainer is also important.

Tips to Use Retainer Brite

You can fill your glass tumbler with warm water and make sure that your glass should be big enough for the size of retainer or the mouth application that can fit in it easily and get submerged fully inside the water. Next, you have to drop the retainer brite tablet in the glass filled with water. You may notice that the color of the water turns blue and bubbly. Later, insert your retainer or mouth guard into the water and make sure that it remains inside it for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Once the blue color of the solution starts to disappear, pull out the mouth guard and retainer out of it. Rinse the appliance thoroughly with the cool running tap water. Now, you have a clean and fresh mouthpiece.

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