April 22, 2024

Trusting A Foot Doctor For My Health: Sharing My Experiences With Them


Making mistakes is a part of everyone’s lives because it is human nature. We forget things we should be doing for our health, learn about a few pieces of information to elevate our lifestyle, and even open our minds because of prior experiences that closed them. One example is failing to realise how everyone should visit a foot doctor in Singapore. I was guilty of that mistake that, excuse the exaggeration, almost changed my life.

I cannot imagine the consequences had I continued with this mistake. In this article, let me narrate my experiences with a doctor who provided me with the appropriate medical attention for my flat feet:


As an adult working a full-time corporate job during the weekdays, visiting the gym to lift a few weights and run miles on the treadmill is one of my stress relievers. I sometimes drop by after work, if I have the energy, and during the weekends to unwind and burn all the junk food I had. Aside from that, I have always been confident of my form and progress in my lifting. I also never considered visiting a foot doctor despite knowing I have flat feet. So, you all know what happened next: I got into an injury that almost changed my life.


My usual lifting routine includes achieving my powerlifting goals by trying to beat my latest record at the squat rack. I was confident because I had never gotten into an accident or experienced anything horrible because of my precaution and proper pre-workout regimen. However, that day became different, and I suddenly fell when I was about to finish the rep. My gym buddies and coach were able to save me from hitting my head or any body part on the metal pieces of the machine, but my back was in immense pain. During this time, I did not suspect my foot condition or even blame myself for not considering insoles for flat feet.


Given my unfamiliarity with podiatry or the medical solutions of a foot doctor, contacting one was not my first choice. Instead, I visited an orthopaedic doctor focusing on sports and other athletic concerns. They were able to prescribe me the necessary medication, perform the appropriate tests, and help me with everything, however, my mistake was overlooking the field of podiatry. Why? It was my flat feet all along that caused my back pain, which in return, affected my form during the day of the accident. The ortho was right, but they overlooked my foot, which is not a failure on their part, by the way. So, the podiatrist required me to get insoles in Singapore to help the deformity and increase my safety and health.

Getting insoles was one of the best things that happened to my health and wellness. I was able to achieve proper form in the gym, increase my safety, and, most importantly, learn the lesson of never overlooking health & medical concerns. If you have the same experience, visit ECPC to explore their solutions. 

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