May 18, 2024

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking


Quitting the smoking habit could be quite a hard task but you’ve got to stop it. You and I know that smoking is not in any way of benefits to smokers. If presently you are on the quest to quit smoking then maybe giving you a few reasons why you need to quit might help to boost your morale as you go down the route to your freedom. The journey will be difficult but I believe these reasons should be strong motivators to keep you going and never to give up. You want to know then read on to know more about things to help stop smoking.

Bad breath get outta!

One of the most obvious consequences of smoking is bad breath. If you are a smoker then I don’t need to overemphasize this. This is quite an embarrassing thing especially if you are communicating with people and they keep giving off gestures that show that they are clearly irritated by your breath. This could be quite a stigma. Some smokers even try to cover their mouth with a cloth to shield their breath from getting out. This is not so good, you have to give up that cigarette and pave the way into a whole new life with fresher breath and more freedom in communicating with people.

Social outcast

I used to know of a man in my street, to say the man is miserable would be an understatement. He is more than miserable. He smokes mostly at night in the front of his house and each time I pass by, I see that sad feeling plastered on his face. I know deep down in him is the desire to quit but he just too weak to fight it. He walks alone, he lives alone and he has no friends. So if you still have friends, don’t see it has a reason to keep smoking, rather start out towards stopping. Sooner or later they would soon get put off by your smoking habit and you won’t find anyone around you again. Don’t wait till then, quit now.

Wasteful spending

I used to know of smokers who spend thier hard earned money on hard drugs, even at the expense of eating healthy food. Being addicted is a very bad thing because there would always be a strong desire to satisfy the urge at all cost. They always end up spending every single coin to satisfy the urge. A married man who smokes is very likely to suffer from broken homes. So quiting smoking means you have a renewed access to living a more healthier life, more secured homes and also being a good role model to your kids.

A cleaner smelling home

Have you ever had to invite a visitor into your home and the first comment on stepping in is –what is smelling so putrid in your home, some could be quite blunt about it and could tell it off – I can’t stand this smell, I am outta here! This could be quite an insult to your dignity and pride. So quitting smoking is a ticket to properly protecting your dignity and pride and to also boost your self-confidence.

Having more people around during your old age

It is no news that aged smokers tend to get deserted even by their loved ones. They lead their lives in isolation. Isolation could be quite suffocating. You’ve got to quit that smoking habit if you don’t want people staying far away from you during your old age and besides, old age is the time you need more people than ever to enjoy a blissful old life.

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