May 18, 2024

The importance of SoClean – the ultimate cleaning machine!


The urge to clean the areas around you can be the result of the instigated behavior by the continuous vicious cycle of repeated thoughts. These compulsive thoughts persist even after the cleaning has been completed. Multitudes of people are now suffering from this compulsive disorder which does not exactly have a solution, and thus the behavior continues.

People who usually suffer from the obsessive-compulsive disorder have this urge to maintain a spotlessly clean environment. Sleeping with a CPAP mask on is one of those initial stages, but they are also used by patients suffering from respiratory problems or low immunity. If you are using this mask, you might be wondering where and how to clean your CPAP machine and mask? Experiment with the ultimate cleaning master and be sure to achieve great results. Try SoClean to experience the complete satisfaction of cleanliness.

Using the CPAP mask and machine is not uncommon amongst the population at present. Practically every household owns at least one set for people who adhere to strict hospital grade sanitizing. If you are breathing through this CPAP mask, it is quite probable that the machine may be harboring fungi and bacteria and viruses inside it. This will lead to intake of infected oxygen which in turn will increase the rate at which you might fall ill infected by these microorganisms thriving inside the machine.

How does the SoClean Cleaner and sanitizing machine work?

The SoClean machine and sanitizer use ozone which is extremely powerful in killing viruses and microorganisms. Ozone is usually called activated oxygen as it contains an extra atom than the usually and naturally occurring oxygen which has only two atoms. This extra atom is responsible for it being the ultimate cleaning agent. It is always in the lookout to lose its extra atom which causes the oxidation process which in turn kills the microorganisms.

Advantages in using the SoClean cleaner and sanitizing machine:

Remarkably efficient –

99.9{f836da2089c4f6ac041f592a32b2c3a6b29da20f6bd03832a46b7a74d907c6fd} of germs are killed by the SoClean Cleaner and sanitizing machine. It can get rid of all the microorganisms that could be thriving inside the CPAP machine that you use daily. Viruses and microorganisms tend to multiply in the moist areas which makes the inside of your CPAP machine a favourable environment to thrive. Thoroughly cleansing the hose mask and the reservoir of the machine, the SoClean Cleaner has proven to be the best at its field.

Extremely Convenient and Easy to use –

For the people who are extremely used to clean the CPAP device on a regular basis but always run out of time to properly clean it. It is a time-consuming process to clean the mask and the machine with water and disinfectant. The SoClean machine on the other hand just requires you to switch it on, and the entire work of cleaning the CPAP mask and machine is done on its own. The time SoClean takes to work on the CPAP machine can be used by you to complete other important tasks.

Compatibility and Consideration –

 The CPAP mask and machine can comfortably fit inside the full dimension of SoClean. The SoClean machine is essential for people suffering from respiratory problems and a weak immune system.

Why should you buy the SoClean cleaner and Sanitizer?

If you are one of those people who hardly have enough time to complete a good sleep and jam food into the mouth with only one of the pair of socks on foot, you need to get one of these. Try SoClean to ease your schedule. It probably takes 15-20 minutes to clean the CPAP mask thoroughly. If you just cannot do without the CPAP mask, you need SoClean Machine and Sanitizer. Cleaning the CPAP can be a real pain especially when it stinks. Book one now at!

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