July 24, 2024

I’m not very keen on cooking. And most of the time I order food or go to the restaurant. Of course, because I live alone I don’t get bored with cooking. Instead of spending time in the kitchen, I like to relax, to have fun, to watch movies and to exercise. I enjoy doing these things. Because I exercise, I eat more vegetarian and diet foods and eat less meat almost, but I don’t really like meat. ( Kitfo Recipe at www.epersianfood.com )

I’ve only cooked twice since the day I live alone. The only thing I enjoy making is salad and dessert. I don’t even have the patience to make cakes. I am suffering from these things and it is not my pleasure. It’s a lot of time-consuming and a lot of dirty dishes that need to be washed.

Kitfo Recipe

Instead of wasting time, you can order food from outside easily without getting messy and tired. You may already be wondering how lazy I am. Haha!

Here’s what I want to introduce to you is a food called kitfo. Maybe you haven’t heard the name as me. The look and taste of this dish are great. A few days ago, I was bored sitting on the couch watching TV. I had eaten almost all the food at restaurants near the house and wanted to experience a new taste.

Kitfo s ingredients :

My co-worker like me is not interested in cooking. I called him and got the number of the restaurant he always described. The restaurant is a long way from home. I got the number. I said sorry I’ve heard your restaurant definition I want food that is diet and of course delicious. He paused a bit and continued I suggest to you kitfo. I gave the Address and watched the movie again. After 45 minutes they rang the house. A young boy had brought Kitfo. He said warm-up for 5 to 10 minutes before eating.


He also gave me a cool drink beside Kitfo. It had interesting packaging. I put the food on the table.

A circular container containing small bowls, each with a vine leaf and on it was full of ingredients such as mutton, peas, slightly sour lemon, chicken, bitter, boiled egg, Corn and some sauce.

In the pan, the loaves were tubular shaped and tied with ribbons. Its appearance was interesting. I put the dish in the microwave to warm it up. I poured the drink into the glass and started eating.

I put some meat in the bread. I can’t believe the meat is so delicious. I poured some of the sauce on the meat. The meat was low fat and there was no oil in the food. The materials were almost steamed. That was what I wanted.

The drink they brought with Kitfo was also great. Today I also decided to order a kitfo for dinner. I first searched for the kitfo on the Internet to know the secret of delicious meat. The meat they use is low fat and mixed with special spices and lots of crushed onions. And that’s why meat is delicious.

The composition of the materials on the plate was great. I don’t have the patience to cook this delicious meal and order whenever I want. You can order it if you are like me, but if you are interested in cooking to find its recipe on the internet and cook it. I think the recipe is very easy. Don’t forget the drink beside it. Send me your comments about Kitfo.

And if you know of any other restaurant that has kitfo let me know. I wish you a happy day beside Kitfo.


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