May 18, 2024

Perfection in Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff


The tensioning device must always be positioned on a bare arm or a bare wrist. For an arm measuring device, the upper arm is automatically at the correct height. The use of the  Digital Blood Pressure Monitor happens to be important here.

How often is it recommended to measure its voltage?

  • To get the final tension divide by 18 the sum of your measurements.
  • Some sphygmomanometers are equipped with the MAM technology which performs the 3 measurements one after the other and indicates the average of 3 automatically. With this type of blood pressure monitor, it is therefore not necessary to measure the voltage 3 times and to manually average.
  • Take your blood pressure with an electronic wrist blood pressure monitor.

Wrist sphygmomanometer

Wrist sphygmomanometers are easily transportable and convenient to put in place. If the monitor is set too high, it will indicate lower values than normal and a blood pressure monitor placed too low will give higher values.

Take your blood pressure with a sphygmomanometer

With the Tensiometer the question of positioning relative to the heart is removed because the arm is at the correct height. However, it is necessary to choose a suitable armband.

Bracers are very important elements for the reliability of the measurement. They must be proportionate to the morphology of the arm. A too narrow cuff will overestimate the blood pressure, while a too wide cuff will underestimate it.

  • What to respect to take its tension.
  • The voltage must be taken.
  • After reading the device manually.
  • In a sitting position, never standing.
  • After 5 minutes rest in the same position as for rest
  • After removing anything that may interfere with the arm (T-shirt too tight, watch)
  • With the same arm because the tension varies from one arm to another, and preferably, the left arm for right-handed and right for left-handed.

How to position your electronic sphygmomanometer for measurement?

The blood pressure monitor adapts to the arm. Put on the inflatable cuff (left arm for a right-handed person), adjust the cuff with the flap without tightening too much. The pipe should be directed towards the hand in the hollow of the arm. For the size to be good, the return line must bend on itself, place the forearm on the table, palm upward, elbow slightly bent and without clenching fist. The use of the Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff happens to be very special here.

The sphygmomanometer fits the wrist

  • Place it at the two fingers of the wrist, with the screen inside the arm
  • Put the elbow on the table
  • Warning: the positioning of the device is essential for reliable measurements.
  • Once properly installed, start the measurement.
  • During inflation and deflation, do not move, do not speak, do not smoke, ask the entourage to be quiet and stay well relaxed!

When to take his tension?

  • To have correct measurements, it is important to follow the Rule of 3
  • 3 measurements in the morning
  • 3 measures in the evening
  • 3 days in a row (or better 5 days)

The collection of measurements is done either by the memory of your device or by a scrupulous record of the values found. To help you collect information and optimize tracking, you can present your measurements on the board.

This chart should be completed after each measurement and then presented to your doctor or pharmacist for analysis.

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