July 24, 2024

Is It Possible to Visit an Emergency Dentist During Pregnancy?

Is It Possible to Visit an Emergency Dentist During Pregnancy

When it comes to oral issues, dental emergencies are one of the most serious and painful conditions an individual can ever experience. You have to be really cautious about these problems since they can put your oral wellness at a huge risk and danger. Unfortunately, many lack information about this field of dentistry and don’t know how to handle such issues in the most efficient way possible. An important question many ask is whether or not pregnant women can visit emergency specialists. This period of life is critical for each woman, and they need to follow a very careful routine to protect their baby and themselves. So, what should they do if they face a severe dental emergency? Are proper dental care services available for pregnant women? The answer is yes. It’s highly recommended to pregnant women to visit a reliable dentist before they go through the third trimester. Furthermore, some unexpected incidents may force them to visit an emergency clinic to preserve their smiles. Today’s article reviews emergency dental care during pregnancy and what things you have to avoid during this period.

Are routine checkups still important?

Definitely! As a dentist at emergency dentistry in Orangeville says, many dental specialists encourage women to continue their routine dental examinations before the third trimester comes. These visits can decrease possible oral health issues during pregnancy and secure your smile. Moreover, pregnant women are more likely to experience bleeding and swelling due to the significant hormonal changes. Your dentist can estimate your oral health to detect any early signs of dental emergencies. However, they don’t take X-ray images and should postpone it until after delivery.

Can they receive emergency dental care services?

Although routine dental examinations are suggested, a pregnant woman should avoid procedures like teeth whitening, fillings, or orthodontic methods. These treatments are all safe, but your dentist prefers to limit the risk of any issues developing that may impact the pregnancy. Some problems are unavoidable, even during the last months of pregnancy. In these cases, you have to visit a reliable emergency dentist to have your problems carefully managed to prevent more severe issues like induction or trauma. Despite the fact that these procedures should be avoided in the third trimester, some appropriate services should be received.

Is using anesthesia safe?

The riskiest part of receiving proper dental treatments during pregnancy is sedation. Most procedures need the patient to be completely numb in order to get perfectly done. Pregnant women can receive limited doses of sedative medications to make the procedure smooth as well as reduce the pain and discomfort. Most emergency dentists try to design a treatment plan with the least amount of dental sedation when the patient is pregnant.

How to prevent further issues?

Don’t forget that any dental problem is more serious during pregnancy than other periods. Ignoring such conditions when you are pregnant can lead to more severe complications like infection or abscess. Still, the best thing is to prevent these issues as much as possible by keeping an ideal hygiene routine and regular dental assessments.

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