June 14, 2024

How to deal with unsightly scars


A scar is a mark that is left on the skin after an injury or wound has healed.  Some scars are very small with others being quite large and aren’t very attractive if left on an area such as the face where they are able to be easily seen.

A natural part of the healing

Scars are a natural part of the process of healing.  Most will fade and with time become paler, although they never totally disappear.  But you can have scar revision treatment where a scar is made to be less noticeable.  One of the best places to go is Weymouth Street hospital for scar removal London

Treatment for Scar revision

When a scar is unsightly, restrictive or uncomfortable, treatment options can include:

  • Topical silicone gel or silicone gel sheets;
  • Steroids;
  • Pressure dressings;
  • Skin camouflage or make-up;
  • Surgery is known as revision.

Scar removal

Many scars cannot be completely removed but with scar revision surgery scars are able to be reduced and made less noticeable.  This is the reason a physician will usually refer to scar revision rather than scar removal.

Laser therapy

The newest method for the revision of scars is by using a laser or light therapy which can decrease the redness of a scar by aiming at the blood vessels in the surplus scar tissue. For many of these pitted scars, laser resurfacing is used to make the scar flatter.  This comprises using a laser to eliminate the top layers of skin, and this stimulates the production in collagen in the deepest layers.

Skin cancer

There are clinics specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer of the skin.  Patients benefit from our expertise in clinics that specialize in skin cancer and provide you with the highest quality treatment as well as prevention of all disease of the skin, hair as well as nails.  They offer the most advanced therapies for treating rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, allergic and acne and reactions.

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