June 14, 2024

How to Choose the Best Adjustable Dumbbells


Strength training comes at an expense and a steep one at that. Besides the fact that you have to come up with a workout regimen that works for you and your goals, you also have to decide between exercising in the gym or at home. If you choose to do it in the gym, then it means you’ll have to find time out of your busy schedule to go there and get some reps going.

And in case that doesn’t work for you, which, most of the time doesn’t for many people looking to exercise as often as possible, then you are left with the option of training at home. And it’s at this point that you are left with the simple fact that you need weights, or dumbbells, to kick-start your strength training. Unmistakably, you’ll have to choose adjustable dumbbells over regular ones, because of the apparent advantages that usually come with using the former; which brings me to my main point: how do you choose the best adjustable dumbbells?

The things to look for when buying adjustable dumbbells

Like most products, adjustable dumbbells are available in different brands, from various manufacturers. This makes the task of choosing the best ones not that easy. But, if you were to have a few things that would guide your decision, then you narrow down your choices.

Weight increment and adjustability:

Remember the main reason you are buying the dumbbells, is to up your strength training. Ipso facto, building muscle and strengthening bones in the body. With that in mind, you need adjustable dumbbells that will ideally offer you a versatile workout, through various weights; and with a flexible dumbbell, you get to accomplish that correctly. However, you need to choose adjustable dumbbells that allow adding more weights at will, through an adjustment mechanism. With these, you will proceed with your strength training in no time.

Length of the dumbbell:

The length matters, because of the various strength training exercises you can do. You see, there are those strength training exercises that require shorter dumbbell lengths, while there are those, which need a longer one. So, depending on how you have planned out your training, the range counts a lot.

Decide on the kind of adjustable dumbbell you want:

There are three kinds of adjustable dumbbells: the dial-A weight type, the selector pin, and the spin-lock type. The difference among these three classes is just a matter of convenience, with the first two being more convenient than the last option, just because, depending on your selection, they automatically add or deduct the weight of your current workout. The downside is that these two are more expensive than the last option.


The last thing to keep in mind while choosing the best adjustable dumbbells is the cost. However, you should remember that expensive isn’t always better, and it is possible to find durable dumbbells within a reasonable price range.

Final Verdict

Adjustable dumbbells are better than regular dumbbells. They are durable, easy to use, and they are incredibly convenient. Not to mention, as compared to regular dumbbells, they never take up as much storage space.

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