May 18, 2024

Hire a Second Mother: 4 Duties of a Confinement Nanny


A confinement nanny is usually a woman who has been a mother or has taken specialised courses in caring for mothers and newborns. It is their responsibility to stay with new mothers in their homes. Nannies reassure and support first-time parents. A nanny will help the mother get a good night’s sleep, recover quickly, and meet her and the child’s needs.

Here are four of the roles and responsibilities of a stay in nanny in Singapore.

Teaches proper diaper-changing routines.

New mothers frequently worry about changing diapers too often, wasting diapers or causing diaper rash by not changing them frequently enough. Additionally, when you hire a nanny from Singapore, they will show you how to keep your baby happy while changing their diapers.

Trains a baby to sleep through the night.

Even newborns must eventually master the art of going to sleep when it’s dark outside and waking up when it’s daytime. New mothers benefit from keeping their confinement nannies on board as long as possible to help their children adapt to their new routines. Confinement nanny services in Singapore should at least be asked for advice on how to get a baby to sleep through the night.

Shows you how to bathe a newborn baby.

Countless new mothers are at ease with their babies when they are dry and content, but when bathing them, they freeze. Crying babies hate being wiped down and will continue to cry even more if placed in an infant tub filled with water. Hiring confinement services in Singapore can help lessen the burden of dealing with crying babies.

Teaches mothers how to eat healthy hence breast milk stays nutritious.

Lastly, a confinement nanny can ensure that the mother eats well so that her baby gets enough nutrients from her. It is one of the most challenging tasks for new mothers. While confinement nannies help new mothers, they can also help established parents.

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