May 18, 2024

Healthy foods for a good night sleep


Digestion, respiration, walking is the essential activities for everyone. Out of all, sleeping is also an important activity, which everyone needs. Be it baby or a parent, be it younger or an older, everyone should have a healthy sleep. In past times, people used to live with the attitude, live free stay free but today; everyone is living a tough and stressed out life. Sometimes, stress exceeds the limit and results in difficultly in sleeping. After reading this, you will be agreeing that you also have suffered from disturbed sleep, at least once in your lifetime.

Today, this problem is becoming so intense that it is becoming part of everyone’s lives. When people suffer from this problem, either they start taking the pills for sleeping or they get into the depression. According to Dr. Gail Barouh LIAAC, it is not good to rely on sleeping pills for healthy sleep. According to her, healthy sleep can only be achieved if one is having a healthy body. Good health simply reflects in the healthy sleep.

According to her, a good health, a good sleep and a healthy diet are interconnected and interlinked. All start up with the healthy diet, so you should be having the healthy diet for having the healthy sleep. There are several food which helps in maintaining the overall health of the body.


According to the different studies, vitamins are the major portion, which helps, in good health. Egg is the main source of vitamin D. This vitamin D has the anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in keeping away the body from infection and diseases. Of course, if your body is free from problems, nobody can stop you from having good sleep.


Walnut is the kind of but which have the high quantity of anti-inflammatory fatty acids. Walnut is a rich source of ellagic acid. Walnut helps in maintaining the overall metabolism if the body, which results in healthy sleep.

Olive oil:

Olive oil is the source of oleic acid. These acids help in reduction of inflammation in the body. The anti-inflammatory effects directly transmitted to the brain and helps in having the good sleep.

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