April 13, 2024

The Importance of Getting an Alcoholic or Drug Addict into Treatment


Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a chronic, and often worsening disease of the brain causing thinking that is obsessive and drug seek and use that is compulsive. These substances change the normal functioning of the brain, judgment, personality, and values of the addict become compromised. Despite these harmful consequences to the addict and to those around them, they will continue to use, unable after a certain point of having any control or limitation. They will many times live with a great deal of rejection about their condition, choosing instead to lay the guilt, create excuses or merely lie to themselves and others that they have this addiction under control.

Many treatment centres

Throughout the United States and the entire world, there are many private and public drug rehab centers. But getting the addict into one is often a hard thing to do because the addict doesn’t believe they have a problem. Often an addict is forced into treatment by a court after a terrible accident or other situation. Or another method is for the loved ones of the addict to perform an intervention, but often those do not work either. Getting the addict into a program is often one of the hardest parts of getting help for their addiction.

Away from triggers and stresses

Drug or alcohol rehab centers work by taking the addict away from their daily stresses and triggers that lead to the drug or alcohol abuse in the first place.  Once they are in this safe environment away from the alcohol or drugs, the addict can concentrate on beginning the process of living a life that is free of substance abuse

First step

The first step in most of these centers is to detox but the necessity depends on how serious the alcohol use disorder and whether detox is a requirement before rehab can begin. For chronic alcoholics, detox without clinical assistance can be very hazardous or even fatal.

Consequences of alcohol withdrawal often vary from moderate to extremely serious, such as:

  • Tremors;
  • Agitation;
  • A headache;
  • Nausea;
  • The trouble with sleep;
  • Heart rate is rapid;
  • Hallucinations;
  • Blackouts.

Where to seek help

If you are an addict seeking help or family of an addict you can contact Hope Treatment Rehab for further information.

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