May 18, 2024

Finer Representation For the Custom Synthesis


Representing an exclusive knowledge base, medical chemistry plays a crucial role in the formation of critical thinking, the ability to make optimal decisions based on evidence, problem solving skills, which will allow pharmacists, as leading experts in the field of drug development, to acquire the additional competencies they need in their further professional and scientific work.

Pharmacists are qualified specialists who, after graduating from a pharmaceutical university, successfully work in almost all areas related to drug trafficking.

The Medical Chemistry

The custom synthesis company provides a complete understanding of the basic principles of the drug and its behavior in the body, which is the basis of modern pharmaceutical and medical care, as well as high-quality drug provision of the population. According to the results of a sociological study, in clinics in the United States, where a clinical pharmacologist position is foreseen, which can only be held by a specialist with the highest pharmaceutical qualifications, the incidence of unwanted reactions, serious adverse reactions, including   death, decreased several times compared with the period when the doctors of the clinics did not resort to consulting such specialists in order to optimize the complex therapy.

  • In the process of drug provision of the population, one of the weak links in the path of a drug to a consumer is precisely the creation of a drug molecule. To bring an innovative domestic commercial product to the pharmaceutical market, in particular, a medicinal product, it is necessary, first of all, to create an active and maximally safe molecule of this medicinal product. To implement this idea, we need competent, trained specialists who are able to solve the tasks of creating such structures in a short time.
  • Thus, the introduction of the new discipline “Medical Chemistry” into the Federal State Educational Standard of the New Generation in training specialists in the specialty “Pharmacy”, qualification “Pharmacist” is relevant and necessary, since, being engaged in directed training of specialists in the field of molecular design of drugs and their postgraduate education, namely, postgraduate and doctoral studies, pharmaceutical universities and faculties can provide scientific personnel to laboratories They are studies in this area, as well as to conduct systematic training of the teaching staff in this specialty.

A chemical synthesis is a sequence of chemical reactions to obtain a desired product. These syntheses always have a procedure (or protocol) listing the various steps (agitation, heating of the reaction medium, filtration) that must be performed to synthesize the desired compound. This protocol also mentions the equipment and the quantities of reagents to be used, the chemical risks involved and therefore the safety rules to be respected.

During a chemical reaction, the reagent atoms reorganize to form the products and do not disappear. There is conservation of the atoms: the mass of the reagents is thus equal to the mass of the products. This principle is the conservation of the mass.

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