May 18, 2024

Fine Usage of the SARM Drugs Now for You


To begin with, under the incomprehensible acronym lies the name of a group of drugs – selective androgen receptor modulators. Every “chemist” is familiar with such medications as clomid and tamoxifen. SARMs have a similar mechanism of operation, but not with respect to estrogenic, and androgen receptors. It should also be remembered that the molecular structure of these drugs is significantly different from anabolic steroids. This suggests that SARMs are devoid of most of the side effects inherent in AAS.

The First Creation

When they were created, scientists set themselves the goal of eliminating the negative impact on the prostate as with any new drugs, SARMs were first tested on animals. Only after that people began to take part in the research. Already the first test results were impressive and the athletes paid attention to this group of drugs.

The First Use

The first in the sport came to Andarin, also known as S4. After that, athletes experienced the work of Ostarin on personal experience (СТХ-024). Today, these drugs can be purchased in online stores. During numerous experiments, it was proved that they are safe for the human body and can be very effective in sports practice. For example, in one study lasting three months, the drug was taken daily in an amount of three grams.

The Completion

After the completion of the experiment, all its participants, even in the absence of physical exertion, gained an average of a half kilo of muscle mass and simultaneously got rid of 300 grams of fat. Also, the scientists stated that the drug is dose-dependent with regard to weight gain. They also noted the excellent tolerability of the product by the body. It is quite obvious that with properly organized nutrition and training, the results of the CTX-024 course will be higher.

Another effective drug of this group should be considered LGD-4033. It was in a large-scale study, attended by seven dozen men between the ages of 21 to 50 years. Representatives of one of the four groups took a placebo, while in the remaining groups the given SARMs were used in the amount of 1, 0.3 and 0.1 milligrams.

What Do the Scientists Say?

Scientists suggest that this was made possible by the high half-life of the LGD-4033, ranging from 24 to 36 hours. In fairness, we note that when using one milligram of the drug, subjects experienced a decrease in the level of natural testosterone. For five weeks the hormonal background was completely restored and for that, no drugs were used. Similarly, the situation developed during the CTX-024 study.

Sale of the Item

On sarms for sale, you can already find several preparations of the SARMs group. However, work in this direction is continuing. It is likely that in the near future we will see new drugs that can safely help builders progress. It should also be remembered that unlike steroids, selective androgen receptor modulators have a legal status.

However, it should also be remembered that these are new drugs, studies whose effects on the body also continue. So far, there are no scientifically validated dosages that can effectively and safely improve athletic performance. All doses, which are used today by builders, were obtained by them experimentally. On the other hand, there are no known cases of side effects.

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