April 22, 2024

Fight with Morton’s neuroma boldly


You may hear of people saying that they feel uncomfortable in shoes because they feel as if they are walking with the pebbles in their shoes.  Most of the people mock at these complaints. But in reality, this is not a situation to mock at as it can be the symptom of the bigger problem of your foot. This symptom may be towards Morton’s Neuroma.  Morton’s neuroma is a very painful condition that usually affects the ball of the foot. Morton’s Neuroma most commonly impacts the area between the third and fourth toe. People suffering from Morton’s neuroma may feel like standing on folding of the sock or a rock in the shoe.  This condition involves thickness in the tissue around the nerve going to one of the toes. This problem can cause a sharp, blazing pain in the ball of the foot, your toes can also hurt, burn and feel numb. If you feel any of these, you need to contact the Center for Morton’s Neuroma.

Cause of Morton’s neuroma

Wearing high heeled shoes is the main cause of this problem. This problem occurs when the nerve sensation is compressed between the finishes of metatarsal bones that are situated at the base of toes for any reason. Besides high heeled shoes, certain sports and foot deformities can also be the biggest risk factor that can contribute to this disease.

How to treat Morton’s neuroma?

The treatment of this problem is very simple. The symptoms of this problem can be treated easily by simple ways such as resting the foot, anti-inflammation medication, better fitting shoes and ice packs. If you want more rapid relief then you can look for a cortisone injection. If the problem is critical that cannot be treated yourself then you can contact any specialist. They can assist you with every possible treatment to resolve the problem.

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