June 15, 2024

Styes are painful as well as irritating. They are common in humans and animals and develop fairly rapidly. The common cause is a bacterium called Staphylococcus Aureus which can be present even on healthy skin. It is not harmful as such but under the skin it causes styes, spots and abscesses. It is an uncomfortable condition with pus-filled spots developing around or on the eyelid.

Styes can sting; they are certainly irritating and anything that can soothe the ‘’burning’’ is helpful. Drops can certainly help that. The infected area must be clean, but it certainly does not help to rub the stye. Even though there will be a small amount of pus within the stye, there is no point in trying to squeeze it out; it may even increase the pain your dog is feeling.

If there appears to be excessive fluid then you may feel that it needs to be drained. You should not do that yourself and it is worth going to your vet to get an opinion.

They will drain away naturally but treatment will speed that process up. At times, but less commonly, the stye will press against the eyeball. Vets will rrecognize problem as opposed to such as mange or conjunctivitis. Eye drops and antibiotics will speed up the process of eliminating the stye. The good news is that it is not contagious; your pet cannot pass it on to others.

Even minor conditions are a nuisance. All that you can do is to keep yourself healthy to minimise any such conditions and try to also keep your pets in the best of health. That means giving them a balanced diet containing the necessary vitamins and minerals and keeping an eye on any problem or discomfort they may have. Your pet cannot speak so you will not be told if he or she is in pain of any kind.

When it comes to problems to do with vision, just as with humans, they most come, but not exclusively, with age. Something as relatively minor as a stye can come at any time. Styes are painful as you will know yourself. All you can do is to look for problems, but perhaps you should look at the best way to maintain your pet’s vision in general. There are well-proven eyes drops made from natural ingredients that you can apply to your dog’s eyes that will help their overall condition. Applying eye drops is completely painless to your pet and will help keep its eyes well-lubricated.

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