May 18, 2024

Dental Emergencies: Knowing When to See a Dentist Immediately


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Dental emergencies are when you are in an unbearable pain and need quick assistance form a dental professional. If not addressed, they may even cause more serious problems later on. What qualifies as a dental emergency? When can you wait until your next dental appointment, and when should you see an emergency dentist right away? Let us discuss this topic in this post.

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Recognizing a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can occur frequently. According to survey from American Family Physician, 22% of persons coming in for emergency treatment have been having oral pain in the preceding six months.

It is critical to recognize the distinction between a minor dental problem that may wait till morning, and a serious emergency that could endanger your health. Here are some tips for identifying dental issues that require emergency care.

When to Wait vs. When to See an Emergency Dentist:

Asking yourself these questions can help you determine the urgency of your situation:

  1. Are you suffering from a severe pain?

Usually, when a person is suffering from a severe pain and bleeding then it is one of the signs of an emergency.

  1. Have you lost your tooth?

If your tooth is lost due to an accident then fast treatment will be necessary and possibly it can save your tooth.

  1. Are you having loose teeth?

Generally, an adult should never lose his or her teeth. A loose tooth, even if there is no pain, can be a serious problem.

  1. Do you have any infection?

Treatment for a major infection or abscess in your mouth should not be put off because they may be fatal.

  1. Are you bleeding from your mouth?

This is a very probable sign that it is a dental emergency.

Remember: Any dental issue requiring urgent care to stop bleeding, alleviate severe pain, or preserve a tooth qualifies as an emergency. Additionally, certain oral infections can pose life-threatening risks if left untreated.

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