June 15, 2024

Complying With Your Doctor: The 3 Patient Habits An ENT Specialist Will Appreciate


Patient compliance is one thing most doctors are looking for because addressing medical concerns is somehow a partnership between them. Asking them to follow their medication schedule is an instance because they need to do these things for their health. Aside from that, the patient should also have a professional relationship with the doctor, where they update each other about the condition and other matters.

In this article, let us explore the habits people should have when consulting with an ENT specialist in Singapore. They would appreciate it if you did these things.


Punctuality is not only for medical facilities and other professional settings. In fact, you should be doing this at home when your mother calls you to eat dinner with the family or when one of your relatives will come over for a mini-reunion. When you are consulting or visiting a sinus specialist in Singapore, for example, always be on time because of these reasons: The first is the clinic’s schedule. If one patient is late, everyone gets affected, and the doctor would not like that. You might also affect other patients if their concerns are time-sensitive. Second, it is about basic manners and decency. Imagine your doctor has been waiting for you for more than fifteen minutes. That is something embarrassing if you ask them.


Not all patients require medication because some are due for surgeries and other treatment plans. However, if the ENT doctor in Mount Elizabeth prescribes you a set of medicines and other drugs, being organised with them goes a long way. How? Buy everything on the prescription slip. It lets you avoid going to the drugstore when you run out of them. Other than that, you can schedule everything and ensure you get the appropriate dosage. The second tip is to store them in a safe and secure container. It prevents the loss of medicines, and you are also keeping them away from children.


Last but not the least, doctors would appreciate it if you give them respect because all they want for you is to overcome your conditions and help you at every step of the process. First, it is not only about using respectful language inside the clinic. Aside from the usual greetings and words, you must give them the impression that you are actually respecting them. It can be smiling or any gesture they will appreciate. The second is respecting their boundaries. An ENT specialist has so many things on their plate and some of the things you can do are avoid calling them outside work hours or talking to them about unrelated matters (unless you are close friends outside the clinic.) In short, have a healthy and professional relationship with them!

Now that you have learned some of the habits an ENT doctor will appreciate, it is easier to find the necessary medical attention for your concerns or consult them about whatever problem you have. Visit Dr Dennis Chua from ENT Surgeons for an ear wax removal procedure in Singapore or any other treatment plan. 

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