June 14, 2024

Cheap Bongs for Your College Dorm


So I was watching a movie called Dude the other day on Netflix, about some high school senior girls and the struggles they faced before going to college. Part of their morning routine was a couple joints and a couple bong rips from what they lovingly referred to as “Donkey Bong” (it was a plastic bong shaped to the likeness of a gorilla’s face). This got me thinking, are cheap bongs that look kinda crappy, but reliable, a staple for college-aged kids? It certainly seems to be in all the campy college stoner movies at least. If you find yourself soon to be diving into the college experience and perhaps getting a dorm to yourself or an apartment with some friends, there are a few legitimate reasons to avoid glass pieces and stick to the stereotypical basic ones instead.

The first reason is that college is a hectic time, man. Whether you get a dorm by yourself or you’re actually living with other people that you may or may not know so well, there will most likely be many people coming and going. If you’re a pretty solitary guy or gal planning to keep to yourself and stick your nose in your books, kudos to you and all the best wishes for your studies. Go ahead and get that sick glass bong in this case and savor every hit as you work that educational grind. If you’re not so sure about the appeal of that lifestyle and think you may indeed have a busy social environment, then get the cheap bongs, trust me. More people coming and going, especially if you share your bong with them, means more and more chances for an accident to happen. An accident when it comes to glass usually ends in heartbreak and sweeping and vacuuming and cleaning up bong water. In the case of plastic, however, the worst case is some slight spillage.

The next line of reasoning is a bit more paranoid, but still very valid depending on the campus. If you’re going to be living in a dorm, in particular, that means campus security is a thing you have to keep in mind. If for whatever reason you host a crazy party and security come around, at least you’ll only have a crappy cheap bong confiscated in the worst case scenario.

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