July 18, 2024

Can Acupuncture Really Improve IVF Fertility Treatments?


Easy accessibility to the medical treatments and their affordability has enabled the infertile couples to improve their fertility rate. There are numbers of causes which are responsible for infertility of the couples. However, a number of solutions are also there which are helpful in treating infertility. Among the various types of infertility treatments, IVF is the most popular one. IVF is In-Vitro fertilization and its high success rate has enabled the couples to choose this method for getting pregnant. At Fertility Bloom in Arizona, you can easily get this type of treatment from the specialists. They make sure that the entire process is followed with care to enable the women to conceive.

IVF treatment and acupuncture

Many of you are aware of IVF treatment and acupuncture but separately. You may not know that the results of IVF can be optimized by getting acupuncture treatment additionally. In the past few years, it has been found that the women have gained more success while undergoing the IVF treatment when they have additionally taken acupuncture.  Thus, more and more clinics are now offering acupuncture services along with IVF Fertility Treatment Arizona.

Potential of acupuncture method for improving fertility

Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy for promoting better health with the help of needling technique. In this, fine needles are inserted in your body. Thin needles are inserted at some specific points which help in balancing the body energy to make the person to feel better.

Improve blood flow:

Acupuncture helps the women undergoing the IVF treatment in improving the success rate by improving the blood flow in the uterine region. When the flow of blood is improved in the uterus, the chances are high that embryo will be formed there with more stability. Hence, the women will be able to conceive with IVF Fertility Treatment.

Promotes relaxing effect:

Another reason that supports the potential of acupuncture in IVF is that it helps in relieving stress and makes the women happy. Improved relaxation is crucial for achieving pregnancy. During the transfer of fertilized eggs in the uterus, it is important that uterus should be relaxed. Thus, acupuncture method plays an important role in relaxing the uterus. If the uterus is not relaxed then contraction may occur which can expel the embryo out of the uterus during IVF.

Make your body respond better towards the medication:

IVF process can be made successful by correct implantation and ensure that your body responds positively towards the implantation. When you take the acupuncture treatment during IVF, Chi energy of your body gets in the balanced state which enables your body to respond positively towards the medication. This helps in improving the chances of getting pregnant.

Some other benefits of acupuncture which assist in the success of IVF

Acupuncture helps in regulating the menstrual cycle. Thus, it helps in regulation of ovulation. When the ovulation process is regulated, it means that you have the good ovarian health and balanced hormones which makes your body ready for conceiving. So, if you take the IVF treatment at that time then it will be a success. Acupuncture also promotes weight gain by reducing adrenaline which helps in preparing your body for conceiving.

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