July 24, 2024

Before Plantar Fasciitis Treatment – Have the Patient Been Diagnosed Correctly


A huge number of people are suffering from the plantar fasciitis. The incidence and prevalence were very less in earlier times as compared to today’s times. There is no chance to reduce the number of the patients and this number is continuously rising every year. There are several reasons of the patients suffering from plantar fasciitis and the major cause is the pounding the feet harder and harder while playing the sports. There are certainly other reasons for developing plantar fasciitis like in the person who is overweight or the person who stands for the long duration especially the teachers or the traffic police officer. The symptom of this long-standing is pain and injury to the foot.

Does everyone have plantar fasciitis?

Almost every medical practitioner diagnoses the disease depending on the symptoms or the nature of the pain. Most of them do not conduct any diagnostic tests so as to reach the confirmed diagnosis. Conducting test is important but taking the proper medical history and physical examination is also very important and it should be done by the nature or the severity of the pain –

  • A patient feels the pain in the foot especially the heel area, during the physical examination.
  • Symptoms of the severe pain whenever the patients keep his/her first step on the floor, next morning.
  • No broken bone in the foot or any health-related issue can suggest the presence of plantar fasciitis.

The main thing behind the above-mentioned symptoms is that one should know that he/she is being properly diagnosed or no. If the patients do not have plantar fasciitis and diagnosed improperly and having the treatment of the same, the treatment is of no use. Or if the person is suffering from plantar fasciitis and misdiagnosed then also the treatment is not worth and the patient is not going to get rid of the pain. So before paying the huge money to the medical practitioner, just confirm it twice that the person is diagnosed in a correct way. But this can only possible with the good healthcare practitioner, so always go to them rather than anyone else.

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