July 24, 2024

6 Things To Do Before 6D Or Misty Eyebrow Embroidery


‘No eyebrows’ memes have been circulating the internet for years, so chances are you have stumbled upon these images in your news feed. While these pictures are fun to look at, some people are not blessed with bushy eyebrows, and they had to rely on getting a 6D eyebrow embroidery or misty eyebrow embroidery to get some eyebrows.

The said procedures are semi-permanent makeup that allows anyone to have eyebrows for at least one to two years. If you undergo one of these semi-permanent makeup treatments to have eyebrows, remember the following.

6 Things To Do Before 6D Or Misty Eyebrow Embroidery

1. Assess If You Are Suitable For 6D Or Misty Eyebrow Embroidery

Much like eyeliner embroidery in Singapore, 6D or misty eyebrow embroidery is not suitable for everyone. Those with skin conditions like eczema should consult their dermatologist first before undergoing semi-permanent makeup treatments.

2. No Need To Shave Existing Eyebrows For The Procedure

Getting 6D eyebrow embroidery does not mean you need to shave your existing eyebrows. The result will become more natural if you let your existing eyebrows as they are on top of the procedure. The aesthetician will clean the excess brows to match your chosen brow style.

3. Research On Your Idea Brow Style

Similar to hair, eyebrows come in different shapes and styles. While you can let the aesthetician choose on your behalf, you can suggest a few that you might think suit you and your face.

4. Feel Free To Ask For More Numbing Cream When It Hurts

Pain tolerance is different to every person. In that case, ask for a more numbing cream to reduce the pain. Do the same when getting lips tattoo procedures in Singapore. You will feel more at ease throughout the treatment if there is little to no discomfort.

5. Never Walk Away Until You Are Satisfied

Experts in eyebrow embroidery learn from their course in Singapore to not let a customer leave until they are fully-satisfied with the result of the eyebrow embroidery. Customers may ask for touch up if they think some parts are not as pigmented as others.

6. Avoid Chemical Peel

Doing this can make your skin sensitive. If you apply chemical peel products on your brows, you have to wait for weeks to months until your eyebrows are ready for embroidery.

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