May 18, 2024

5 surprising reasons why you have trouble breathing


We list the 5 causes that cause lung infections – and which you may not have thought of before!

You can’t understand it – you take every precaution to keep your home and office workspace clean. You are fanatical about removing dust and dirt from your immediate environment, and you are constantly using dusters, cleaning soaps, antibacterial wipes and other cleaning implements to ensure a hygienic environment. And yet, you keep falling sick and breathless quite frequently.

There may be some hitherto unknown irritants that are giving you a lung infection that makes you susceptible to cold, cough and breathlessness from time to time. Let’s unmask these culprits –

#1 Air pollution.

This is the most common and widespread cause of lung infections in all humans, and some animals and birds. You might be surprised to note that even though the air you breathe may not smell strange or appear sooty or smoky, it still contains some amount of particulate matter that enters your body through your nose and mouth. Particulate matter is known to cause a lung infection, leading to lung tuberculosis, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory disorders.

#2 Heating and cooking appliances.

Another surprising cause of respiratory distress is the electrical heating appliances or the cooking stove that you use. Upon use, these appliances are shown to release minute amounts of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) into the atmosphere. In confined spaces like bedrooms where heaters may be used in winter, or in kitchens where the cooking stove is used almost all day, the levels of NO2 can rise steadily and exacerbate symptoms of lung infection further. The most affected are those who have asthma or bronchitis already.

#3 Air fresheners.

It might seem strange that something that is used to freshen up and enliven the indoor air can also be the cause of lung issues. But while air fresheners impart aroma to the indoor air, they also release chemicals and aerosols into the atmosphere. These aerosols may inflame the nasal passages and settle inside the lungs, thereby giving rise to lung infections. Even incense sticks can have the same effect.

#4 Laser printers.

Did you know that the quiet, efficient laser printer in your home or office can make you wheezy and breathless? While printing, the machine emits fine particles into the air around it, and you can breathe these in and feel breathless. Those who handle large amounts of printing jobs every day can feel sick if they sit right next to the printer at work. The emissions are said to be the result of the printing ink being processed by the printer head while being transferred on the page.

#5 Candles.

You may light an aromatic candle to create a fresh environment, or to calm your nerves. But the paraffin used in most wax candles releases a faintly noxious gas into the atmosphere as it heats up and melts when the candle is lit. The most common type of candles used for lighting up a dark room almost always contain paraffin as a basic element.

An urgent call to action – wear an anti-pollution mask

You cannot always control the quality of air that you breathe. You may also use appliances or daily household items that make you sick without your knowledge. Since most lung infections are the result of something you inadvertently inhale, it is always wise to wear an anti-pollution mask that keeps out pollutants.

  • An anti-pollution mask is necessary for those who are prone to, or who are already suffering from, breathing disorders like TB, asthma or bronchitis. The mask filters out the air you breathe, removing harmful particulate matter and gases as much as possible. Thus, only pure air enters your system and you can breathe easier.
  • The best air pollution masks available today, such as the range from Dettol SiTiShield, offer superior, round-the-clock protection for daily use. The mask is also fitted with a micro fan to keep the inside of the mask cool and comfortable even for extended periods of use.
  • Every person, whether they are prone to lung infections or not, should wear an anti-pollution mask since the quality of air in most cities and towns today is quite poor. At most risk from the ill effects of polluted air are children, pregnant women, and senior citizens.

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