February 29, 2024

5 quick ways to lose weight before opting for bariatric surgery


Bariatric surgery is a collective term for many types of weight-loss surgery. They are mainly done to help you lose stubborn excess weight that is not affected by dieting and exercise. This helps you keep away health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, gastroesophageal reflux disease, type 2 diabetes, etc.

Bariatric surgery, including gastric bypass, is done only after you try to lose weight by making dietary changes and exercising regularly. Following a restrictive diet is often compulsory before a bariatric surgery. Losing weight before the operation grants easier access to the site of operation, where the procedure is performed laparoscopically. It also reduces the duration of surgery and time of recovery. Fewer complications ensue for those who lose at least 10 percent of extra body weight. In some studies, people who followed a low-calorie diet experienced better results after the surgery. They had a greater loss of excess weight in the next one year, and a shorter stay at the hospital.

Here are five tips to start the pre-surgery weight loss:

  1. Cut down on: fatty food, sugar intake in the form of foods and drinks, and high-carbohydrate foods. Avoid binge eating.
  1. Eat more of: lean, high protein meats, legumes, poultry, eggs, seafood, vegetables, whole grains, and protein supplements.

  1. Watch what you drink: For a week or two, drink full liquids such as strained soup, fruit juice, skim milk, etc. along with clear liquids. Within one or two days before the surgery, switch to clear liquids only, such as water, herbal tea, broth, sugar-free gelatin, etc. Make sure that they do not contain sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and carbonation.
  1. Abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, and packaged products.
  1. Exercise regularly, and throw in more cardiovascular and muscle-building exercises with the help of a personal trainer or physiotherapist.

Even after the surgery is done, a specific diet should be adhered to so that the digestive system gets enough space and time to heal. The preoperative weight loss comes in handy and boosts the effects of the surgery’s long-term weight loss. To avoid regaining weight, make permanent changes in your lifestyle and exercise regularly. This way, the results last much longer and you will retain a proportionate body contour. Also, it is extremely important to have professional guidance in matters related to goal-oriented diet and exercise, especially if it is for the purpose of surgery. For good advice regarding a weight loss plan and suitable surgery options, consult experienced surgeons at a reputed organisation such as Apollo Spectra.

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