May 18, 2024

5 miraculous ways to combat ageing


Ageing well is a concern for everyone, and for those who want to still look good, there are plenty of ways to do so on a daily basis and without necessarily going under the knife every time.

1. Protect your skin

Dermatologists always recommend using SPF and sunscreen regularly to protect your skin from the sun. Harmful UV rays accelerate aging which is often caused by tanning beds and sunburns. If you still want a summer glow, getting a spray tan is much less damaging to the skin. Many moisturizers include SPF in their ingredients, meaning you can protect your skin in your daily routine.

2. Neck lift surgery

Going under the knife may seem daunting, but there are plenty of surgeons and clinics available who will work with you to tackle your aging issues. A neck lift will pull back excess skin and jowls for a tighter face. It’s often combined with a facelift for all-around improvement and to combat the effect of aging. Scarring may be a factor but will have more permanent effects than less invasive treatments available.

3. Cut out bad habits

Not exercising, alcohol and smoking all accelerate the effects of ageing across your body and on your skin. Smoking causes the skin to dull and wrinkle because of the chemicals inhaled and the smoke around you. Alcohol can also dehydrate your skin so make sure to drink in moderation and drink more water to balance out the effects. Getting into a regular facial care routine is also helpful to reduce the signs of ageing.

4. Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is when vitamins are injected into the skin millimeters below the surface. One method involves injecting the patient’s own plasma back into the skin to encourage regeneration and slow ageing. It’ll keep your skin look healthy and glowing with this vitamin cocktail that is constructed to your needs. Your next session can be adjusted to your changing needs as well.

5. Injectable Fillers

These will plump up your skin in certain areas to counteract loose and sagging skin. They can also pad out hollow areas as well as laughter lines and wrinkles. This skin tightening process means you don’t have to go under the knife. These procedures can often be done within an hour and have a very little downtime, meaning you can get on with your day while recovering.

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