5 Things To Remember A Week After Getting Your Braces

Anyone who has survived their first week of getting their braces Raleigh NC dentists put in will agree that the first couple of days were a struggle. Getting used to the braces requires time because the feeling of wires and brackets on your teeth is unnatural. Plus, the fact that the teeth correcting device can also hurt during the first week.

Yes, the first few days of getting braces sound very scary and traumatizing, but the benefits once they are off are worth it. Here are a few handy tips to help you prepare and adjust to life with braces:

1 – Braces Check

Just because the wires and brackets are in place doesn’t mean you’re ready to leave the dentist’s office. In fact, it is recommended to double check the braces Raleigh NC based dentist has installed for any loose wire ends. Use a finger or the tongue to poke around inside your mouth to ensure nothing is hurting. If there is, inform your dentist so they can check and adjust the braces if necessary.

2 – Ask Questions (A Lot Of Them!)

Don’t be afraid to bombard the dentist and staff with as many questions regarding aftercare, hygiene tips, and everything else you need to do before the next appointment rolls around. Many dental care practitioners will offer a printed out copy of the recommended braces care and cleaning routine, but it never hurts to ask for more details, especially if you’re unsure of what to do.

3 – Stock Up On Supplies

Ask your dentist for a list of supplies needed to care for your new braces properly. The list will usually include items such as dental wax, elastic bands, and other cleaning aids. If you’re not shy, you can always ask your dentist for some supplies so you don’t have to spend extra at the pharmacy.

4 – Watch What You Eat

It is normal to experience some soreness during the first week of getting braces. While it is okay to eat right after they are installed, it is best to stick to soft food for the next 4 to 5 days so that your teeth and mouth can adjust to the braces without causing any more pain. Yogurt, soup, ice cream, pudding, and scrambled eggs are all delicious options that won’t damage your braces or cause pain while eating.

After the 5th day, you can start to eat more solid foods, but it is best to stay away from hard and crunchy food while you still have braces.

5 – The Salt Water Rinse

In cases where your mouth is suffering from significant irritation, a saltwater rinse is the best cure. Simply mix half tablespoon of salt with warm water and rinse your mouth for 30 seconds up to 6 times a day. The salt water will not only relieve pain and irritation, but it will also help your mouth heal faster.

While you’re still adjusting to having braces make sure to always follow a strict oral hygiene habit. Clean your mouth and teeth as instructed by your dentist to ensure the braces won’t negatively affect your oral health.
Getting braces Raleigh NC is a journey. With the help of an orthodontist and proper discipline, you can have that perfect smile again in no time.

How to find the right clinic in different languages

This is a difficult question How to find the right clinic in different languages. You have to be very careful when choosing the best find the right clinic from English to Arabic, especially when it comes to the health of our mouths. At today’s entrance, we will show you some tips that we hope will help you find the perfect clinic, which is usually the one that offers great quality at a reasonable price. Flee from offers too good to believe, since the price drop also usually leads to a decline in service.

Qualified professionals

It is essential that the staff that attends you have the corresponding qualifications to practice their profession. Likewise, all specialization, master’s or postgraduate courses are welcome. This training is essential to be able to issue an adequate diagnosis and determine what the optimal treatment to solve your problem is. The knowledge must also be approved, so only be in the hands of dentists who belong to the College of dentists and stomatologists, with their corresponding number of collegiate.

The rest of the staff of the clinic must also have titles of hygienists or assistants. The former are trained to work in the patient’s mouth, while the latter has a job of supporting the dentist.

Prevention is always the best option

  • The dental clinic that you choose should be oriented above all to prevention since it is the main sign of commitment to patients and their dental safety. In this way, greater problems are avoided in the future that would suppose a high economic outlay. Therefore, it values the closeness and personalized service provided by the centers of a family tradition with many years behind them.
  • If you care about them, they will give you advice on oral health from how to brush your teeth to the most recommended foods. In addition to a series of regular reviews to evaluate the state of your mouth and interventions that are strictly necessary. The professional who attends you should treat you with kindness and completely solve your doubts, transmitting confidence with your words. In short, many large chains of clinics care more about the short-term economic benefit, so the best option is the one that puts the health of their patients over money.

Why Would Someone Need An Emergency Dentist?

Emergencies can strike when we least expect them to, that’s just the nature of emergencies. When dental emergencies happen, it can be confusing to know who you need to contact. Should you contact your regular dentist? An Emergency Room or Urgent Care Center? 911? Depending on the severity of your dental emergency will usually be the determining factor of who you need to call.

If you’ve called your dentist office on a regular day for a regular checkup, you know that the chances of you getting in within the hour (let alone the same day) are slim to none. This can be frustrating when you run into dental emergencies. It is because of this that many people make the assumption to call or visit an emergency room or urgent care center. Unless you are in an accident that has caused more than just dental damage or you have excessive bleeding, you probably won’t need to visit an emergency room. Emergency rooms are not equipped to deal with dental emergencies and cannot perform tooth extractions. So save your time and your money by contacting an emergency dentist near you.

When To Contact Your Emergency Dentist

Emergency dentists are around to help you when an emergency strikes. Here are just some of the reasons that you would want to visit your emergency dentist. This list includes, but it not limited to:

  • Knocked Out Teeth
  • Loose Tooth
  • Chipped, Broken, Or Cracked Teeth
  • Tissue Injury & Facial Pain

If you’re still not sure if you are dealing with a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to contact your local emergency dentist or you can ask yourself this series of questions:

  • Are you in severe pain?
  • Have you lost any teeth? Are any teeth loose?
  • Are you bleeding from the mouth?
  • Have you been hit in the mouth or face?
  • Is there swelling or knots in your gums?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you will need to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Your emergency dentist will also be able to tell you if you require more care from another medical professional.

Will My Emergency Dentist Perform Tooth Extractions?

Since many of us do not have much experience with emergency dentists, we are unsure of what type of dental work they are able to provide for us. One question many people want to know is if they can perform tooth extractions, the answer is yes. Your emergency dentist will be able to perform a wide variety of tooth extractions depending on your needs. Just like a regular dentist can. Tthe tooth extractions your emergency dentist can perform are:

  • Common Tooth Extractions
  • Surgical Tooth Extractions
  • Wisdom Teeth Extractions

What Does An Emergency Dentist Service Cost?

Since dental emergencies strike at any time, it’s important to know how much they can end up costing you. While prices can vary among dentists, common procedures like root canals and having cavities filled generally cost the same across the board.

Root Canals –

When a tooth becomes infected, that infection spreads to the gums and nerves surrounding the tooth. An infected tooth can be one of the most painful things you’ll experience. Emergency root canals do happen and they end costing the patient around $700-$900 for a front tooth, $800 – $850 for a bicuspid, and $1000 – $1200 for a molar.

Tooth Extractions –

If a tooth becomes fractured or infected, it needs to be removed. Emergency non-surgical tooth extractions can cost anywhere from $75 – $300. When anesthesia is required it can cost between $200 – $600.

Dental Crowns –

Though usually not an emergency procedure, depending on the severity of the accident you may need an emergency crown. Porcelain crowns require two visits and cost about $1200 – $1500. Metal Crowns can cost between $1,200 and $1,400 per crown.

Talk to you insurance provider to see what is covered by your insurance in the case of a dental emergency and what is not covered. Even if your insurance covers all potential dental emergency costs it is important to take steps to prevent emergency dental visits from happening. By brushing twice daily, flossing once daily, and visiting your dentist twice a year, you can avoid needing major dental overhauls and hopefully, dental emergencies in the future.

South point Dentists Is Full Family – So Make Appointments for your Kids

This is a family friendly practice for dental needs that has affordable dental solutions for everyone in your family with its 5-star service. This professional team here is passionate about the work they do and what they offer to the Gold Coast and Southport communities. Your family will love going to the dentist and you will enjoy the personalized dental treatments to improve your confidence and quality of life.

General dentistry

This practice covers all aspects of general dentistry service that we give to the community where we are. Most of the aspects of dentistry include:

  • Routine exams
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Implants

The staff is very friendly and flexible and will be happy to cater to all your needs. Southport Dental goes much further than just maintaining good teeth and gums – they achieve lasting beautiful smiles. They are situated in the heart of Southport of the Gold Coast; our dental practices welcome patients of all ages.

Ready for everything

They are ready for everything and have good results with:

  • Children’s dentistry
  • Anxiety patients
  • Zoom teeth whitening

As a family-friendly dental practice, Southpoint Dental is glad to have your kids and infants. They believe that young patients need to learn about positive dentistry at their very first visit.


They have an oral health therapist Nelson, who works with the smaller patients and the dentist in children’s dentistry. Nelson has the understanding and care for what your children need. The path to good dental care of teeth for the rest of their life begins in these early years.


All the services include:

  • Crowns & Bridges
  • Restorations
  • 3D Guided Dental Implants
  • Same day in house Crowns
  • Treatment for wrinkles
  • Dental hygiene
  • Mouth guards
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Happy gas

Good teeth = good health

Having regular exams and hygiene appointments will lead your children to feel comfortable about visiting our offices. This can promote an interest in the health of their teeth. They will develop good preventive habits from an early age.

Since these dentists near me, I tell everyone about them. So, make your appointment today – for the whole family.