August 17, 2022

Why Pay-As-You-Go Gyms Make The Most Sense For Toronto Winters

When you’re on a strict budget and looking to cut costs, usually one of the first things to go is that pricey monthly gym fee. In fact, according to some experts, annual gym fees can rise well over eight hundred dollars per year, meaning these memberships are doing a better job shrinking wallets than waistlines. However, while cutting the gym membership fee out of your budget can save you money, it can also come at a cost to your health, and the additional medical costs associated with lack of a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen can easily outweigh the cost of utilizing a gym over the course of your lifetime.

That’s why utilizing a pay-as-you-go gym is the happiest medium – it’s not only great for your health but it saves you money too, as evidenced by a quick stop by to learn more about the facilities and training staff on offer. Although it is convenient, setting up your credit card to automatically charge a gym membership fee, every month may be costing you a small fortune. When something is done automatically it is extremely easy to forget it, especially when at most it shows up as a single line on a credit card statement that you may or may not read. By actively paying each time you utilize the service of a gym you are much more likely to understand the value of the service and more likely to join a program that saves you money over time.

Toronto winters can be notoriously treacherous. There are times when the weather makes a simple commute from home to work and back again seem like an insurmountable mountain to climb. The trips out of your house are limited to a bare minimum and often the trips to the gym are the first to go. Why then would you pay for a service you have no intention of (or are physically incapable of) using because of things out of your control such as the weather? By utilizing pay-as-you-go gym facilities, you are taking this uncertainty completely out of the equation.

By attending one of the many programs offered at a pay-as-you-go gym you may also be more inclined to return again and keep a regular routine. There are many documented benefits of working out as a group or with a partner that can positively impact your health in the long term, and all you need to do is try out a few different group programs, seeing which one works best for you.

The superior staff at pay-as-you-go gyms are certified in their respective disciplines and want nothing more than for you to achieve your fitness goals. At a typical gym, your monthly fee is paid once a month regardless of how you are progressing towards any health goals you may have. Pay-as-you-go gym staff keep their jobs by delivering results, unlike typical gyms that pay their employees with the membership fees of people who may or may not even attend the gym in the entirety of the month they have paid for. It’s a no-brainer where you should go this winter, if you want to kick the bad weather blues and get in shape.

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