August 11, 2022

Why men are Higher Risk of Diabetes Than Women ?

All over the world, over 100 million people are said to be affected by Diabetes. Even though there are 2 types of diabetes, the most common form of diabetes is ‘Type II Diabetes’. This is caused due to the factors like low insulin level and body not using the produced insulin efficiently. This kind of situation is caused due to many factors like heredity, age, eating habits, overweight or obesity, etc. Being overweight due to unhealthy eating habits can be identified by the BMI (Body Mass Index), which is identified by the height and weight of a person.

It is said that men are highly prone to diabetes compared to women. According to a study conducted, it was found that all men who were diabetic, had less BMI compared to that of women. So it has been declared that, for men to be diabetic, they only have to gain less weight compared to women. The BMI is the Body Mass Index, which is derived from the height and weight of the body. It is also discovered that middle-aged men are more prone to diabetes than any other age group. This may be due to many reasons like stress at work, alcohol habits, irregular eating habits, unhealthy eating habits, etc.

Another reason why men are more prone to diabetes is excess body iron accumulation. Excess iron in the body of the men makes them more inclined towards getting this diabetes. Over 46{f836da2089c4f6ac041f592a32b2c3a6b29da20f6bd03832a46b7a74d907c6fd} of men’s population has increased the risk of developing Type II diabetes, compared to women. This, in turn, leads to high pressure, heart diseases, eyesight problem, kidney problems, etc. When not treated properly at the right time, this may lead to various other complications, as well. Even though iron is also used in creating other micro-nutrients like hemoglobin, peroxides, etc., when the body is allowed to store this in excess amount, this may damage the beta cells of the pancreas, which may, in turn, affect the production of insulin.

This decreases the work done by the insulin, which segregates the blood glucose received from the food we eat, to distribute them to all the other cells and organs for energy. Since the reason for an increased diabetic rate in men, has been diagnosed, the rectification can be brought from home like following a healthy diet, working out in the morning, reducing alcoholic habits, etc.

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