August 11, 2022

What is tantric massage for women in London?

“Through the Tantric Massage for women and Yoni massage you discover how to reach for radiant sexual happiness and wellbeing, not the usual superficial excitement. With the Tantric bodywork you can make your sexual energies flourish, balance out and nurture you in everyday life.” – Tantric Therapy

Tantra comes from the Sanskrit root word ‘Tan’, which means ‘to grow’ or ‘unlock’. The fundamental aim of Tantra massage is to unravel and release trapped sexual energy, freeing the mind and body, and invoking the ‘Kundalini’, a strong, healing sexual energy, which spreads out from the base of the spine, healing the body and soul.

Tantric massage –and associated therapies- incorporate various different schools of massage, including yoga, sexual therapy and bioenergetics. The process induces feelings of deep relaxation, general health and wellbeing, and allows the recipient to gently deal with sexual issues in a comfortable, judgement-free and peaceful environment.

Tantric massage is an ancient healing art which is believed to utilise sexual energy in order to ascend to a higher plane of consciousness. Tantra massage therapists help to unlock these energies – which lie dormant within the body- by using particular touches, such as gently running fingertips across the entire body. This is believed to release and dissipate negative sexual energies, along with trapped mental and physical pain, and allow the subject to experience true sexual ecstasy.

Tantra massage is not a detached or contrived approach to massage, but an authentic and profound communication between two people. Each massage varies depending on the interaction of energies between the giver and the receiver.  Tantric massage must take into consideration both personalities; that of the masseuse and the recipient. Though the principles of tantric massage remain constant throughout, each massage varies depending on the people involved. This allows a great room for variation and flexibility between techniques, avoiding the robotic and mechanical processes which may be present in other, more limited forms of massage.

Though there is no easily defined method for performing a tantric massage, there are many different ways to employ a tantric massage, each differing depending on the person receiving –and the person performing- the massage. Often, the masseuse may try to put you into a state of deep relaxation, before beginning to build upon chakra energies, and then moving onto Kundalini awakening. If you are a woman looking for an authentic Tantric massage, with Tantric Therapy you are assured to benefit from 15 years of experience as a genuine expert in female sexuality and tantric sexuality at Tantric Therapy, London’s oldest tantric massage parlour.

The benefits of tantric massage are numerous; aside from alleviation from physical pain, tantric massage can also help to dissipate feelings of anxiety, fear and guilt. Tantric massage & Life Coaching can allow people to feel more energised in everyday life, helping them to become more empowered and live a life of fulfilment.

Tantric massage can be used in combination with other tantric practices, helping to improve the results of massage alone. Other tantric practices include tantric sex coaching and classes for individuals and couples, tantric breathing exercises, and Yoni massage. Tantra breathing techniques are often used to enhance the effect of tantric massage; these are known as ‘Pranayamas’, and allow the recipient to spread the released energy throughout the body.

The benefits of tantric massage are numerous, helping to put the mind at ease and allow the body to follow. This allows for truly unbridled sexual expression and freedom.

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