August 11, 2022

What actually happens in bariatric surgery?

Weight loss is a major requirement that needs addressing in all possible ways. When a person is not able to achieve results even after doing all that is recommended in diet charts, workout routine guides etc., the bariatric surgery comes as a respite.

The focus of bariatric surgery in reducing the calorie intake by bringing some changes in the structure of stomach and intestines. These changes are brought through some procedures such as:

Creating a gastric bypass:

In this procedure, a pouch measuring about 30mm is created by dividing the stomach into two halves. The portion of small intestine is also attached with this pouch. It reduces the volume of food entering the stomach and reduced the absorbing surface of small intestine interferes with the absorption of nutrients too. Thus, fewer intake of calorie and promotion of a feeling of satiety is achieved with this procedure.

BPS/DS gastric bypass:

In this method, a portion of the stomach is cut and converted into a sleeve-like structure and then about a three-fourth portion of the intestine is bypassed. Due to this, food eaten goes to the sleeve and then reaches the last portion of the intestine directly. This promotes less absorption of vitamins and other nutrients.

Adjustable gastric band:

Making gastric band means that the size of the opening at the food pipe side of the stomach is reduced by binding the stomach with a band. The size of the opening is reduced or increased by adjusting the band and filling it with sterile saline through the injection process.

These three are the most common bariatric surgical procedures performed. There are other procedures too, which are mostly done as per the health condition of the patient. Some of the surgical procedures are meant for providing relief to the patient of morbid obesity and diabetes. Dr. Dirk Rodriguez is a trusted name for getting bariatric surgical procedures of all kinds done.

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