July 1, 2022

Top 4 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Rehab Program

Millions of people take an admission to the drug rehab center every year in the US. Thus, there are a number of drug rehab centers that have mushroomed in different states. However, most of them have relapsed after they went home. Therefore, when it comes to rebuilding your life once more after an addiction, the rehab program you choose can make a difference. Nevertheless, there are so many treatment options available to you by different rehab programs, how do you know you are choosing the right program?

For the families who are in an emotional outbreak and bewildered stage, makes a choice without educating themselves enough about those drug rehab programs. The families must remember that a drug rehab program should not only acknowledge the physical needs but the psychological aspects as well.

So before your loved ones go into a drug rehab program, do ask the following questions to choose the best rehabilitation services –

1. What kind of treatment philosophy the rehab center has?

When you are researching on a reputed drug rehab center, you need to make sure that the treatment philosophy coincides with the personal needs and expectations from a program. Ask if their approach to treatment fully embrace the specific needs of your loved ones. In the reputed drug rehab center, you will find a 12-step model of recovery while some other supplements with medical and scientific methods as addiction treatment. Think which one is important for you, and make sure to research on the ways a drug rehab center define addiction and their success rates.

2. Is the program doing to substitute another drug for the one the recovering person was addicted?

Thousands of drug treatment programs offer a sober person with methadone or Suboxone to recover from the drugs like heroin or prescribed painkillers. This is a popular form of harm reduction program. The goal of such program is not to induce sobriety but to reduce the harm created due to those illicit drugs. However, in truth, you are trading one addiction for another. So if your goal is sobriety, then such a program that substitutes drugs as treatment then will definitely make you lose the goal.

3. Is the facility accredited?

Facilities that offer various addiction treatment services must have the license and accreditation from the government that oversees their facilities. Such as in California, the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP) is responsible to generate a license for the drug rehab programs. The role of the government is to make sure that the facilities provided operate as per the health and safety standards of the state.

4. What kind of payment option you have?

When you look for a rehab program that might save a life, keep your family together and protects the livelihood. However, money should not be the first concern. The truth is that rehab does cost you a lot of money and you have to find the best way to treat. If you have enrolled into a reputed rehab center, they will give you wide range of options, that will give the most value of your expenditure such as –

  • Cash or Credit Card
  • Private Health Insurances
  • Employer Sponsored Rehabs
  • Medicaid or Medicare (State or Federal government programs)
  • Sliding-Scale Payment Options (based on the ability to pay)

None can judge better than you can. If you find satisfactory answers to all the questions above, then that drug rehab center is your cup of tea. We know how much you care for your loved ones, so verifying, cross checking and educating yourself about a drug rehab center is excessively important before joining.

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