August 14, 2022

Tips to Do Before & After Breast Augmentation in Sydney

Getting breast augmentation may be an exciting thing for many ladies. After all, the dream of having the bigger breast has finally come true. During this time, it is wise to know what to do before and after visiting the plastic surgeon in Sydney. Below are some tips that will help increase the chances of recovering quickly and more comfortably.

Things to do before breast-augmentation

* Prepare your house so that you can find things are in-order after the operation. Some of the things include cleaning your house, having food and medication ready, buying bigger bras and bigger clothes. Keep in mind that your clothes and your bras are no longer going to fit you after breast implants.

* Exercising a few months before the operation can help a lot. Working out will ensure your back is ready to support bigger breasts without any stress. It will also make it easier for the Sydney surgeons when carrying out the operation.

* Have someone pick you after the plastic surgery in Sydney. Remember you will not be able to drive yourself home. If you have no one to drive you home, take a cab. You should also have someone to take care of you before and after the procedure.

* Drink a lot of water one day before the surgery since some women get dehydrated after the operation.

* Ask for very strong drugs after the surgery, just in case you may need them.

Things to do after breast-augmentation

* After the operation, you will either feel you are too big or too small. The feeling is normal. So, give yourself enough time to recovery, and everything shall go as planned.

* You need to rest a lot after the plastic surgery in Sydney. For the first two weeks, do not be involved in any active activities. You need about six weeks to start feeling normal again.

* Once you notice any problem with your breasts, contact your surgeon immediately to prevent the problem from getting worse.

* Recovery period may differ. So, give yourself enough time to recover before sharing the news about your plastic surgery.


When visiting a plastic surgeon, it is essential to be open-minded before and after undergoing breast implants. This is because, no matter the preparations, anything can happen. For example, your surgeon may advise you to go for bigger breasts than you had originally planned if your skin is elastic.

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