October 2, 2022

Three Rivers Chiropractic Is Where You Need to Go After a Car Accident

Dr. Vaughn moved to Kennewick chiropractor from western Washington in 2013. Prior to his moving, he practiced in the Olympia area for five years. Dr. Vaughn has an approach to care that is evidenced based, often working with others in the medical field to offer the best care for his patients. His patients focused approach yields great results over the years and now.

Three Rivers

“Three Rivers Chiropractic” uses an inclusive method to advance wellness and health in everyarea of our patient’s lives, no matter if they were in a car accident or having problems in the low back or neck pain. Kennewick chiropractor provides a variety of treatment options and methods to help eradicate pain and stress from their lives.

Chiropractic Services

Auto Injuries –

If you are suffering from back pain, whiplash, or headaches following an auto accident? We can help!

Pain Relief –

Each patient is evaluated to find out exactly what their specific needs are and then build a treatment plan based on your needs!

Sports Injuries –

Sports injury got you down and out? There is a place where you can go to get help with the healing process as well as prevent any re-injury.

Headaches –

Headaches are the most common complaint seen at Three Rivers Chiropractic.

Massage Therapy –

Many patients find relief from pain by the proper application of massages that are therapeutic.

Therapy Decompression –

Suffering from pain that is chronic especially in the back from an injured disc? Check with your physician about this therapy

Car accident

The aftermath of a car accident is traumatic on several levels. Unfortunately the pain after a car accident often takes a back seat to getting your car to the mechanic, dealing with insurance, and stress of perhaps missing work. While you are anxious about insurance and your car, getting it repaired and getting back to normal activities; you need to be aware that your pain can get worse in the days after the car accident. Your health is a priority, which is why it is vital you see an Auto Injury Chiropractor.

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