August 11, 2022

Stem cell knee injections

Every tissue of our body has some proportion of stem cells. They are found in tendons, ligament, joint and muscles. The highest concentration of stem cell is in bone marrow. Bone marrow is the place where bone cells are found. Every human body contains stem cell. This is because our old cells keep on dying and our body keeps forming new cells. Whenever any tissue gets ruptured in our body like suppose in a knee, a stem cell is implanted in that body area with the help of stem cell knee injections. Stem cells are the unspecialized cell that means they cannot function on their own unless they have been molded into a specific function to perform. The area where tissue gets damaged stem cell is implanted because it has the trait of generating new tissue. When our body is not able to regenerate new tissue because of less oxygen supply, that particular organ behaves abnormally and starts paining. There are many healthcare centers advanced in stem cell therapy. One such center is Complete Pain Care that you can visit.

How does stem cell therapy works?

Stem cell therapy is the new exciting field for medical fraternity. The research on stem cells is still on. They are known as building a unit of the body. Modern stem cell therapy involves taking out stem cells from the patient’s own body and injecting it back to the injured body part. The stem cell will then repair the damaged tissue of that area.  This is the quickest and the safest method also the stem cell is taken out in as painless method as it could be possible. With the increasing centers for stem cell replacement, many patients are going for this method. When the medicines do not show a positive result, it is advisable to go for stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy is also less expensive than a surgical method to get rid of joints and muscles pain.

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