August 10, 2022

Rosewood Mala Beads – Divinity and Purity

Chanting and meditation have turned out to be the most sought-after methods that provide one with inner-peace, calm and serenity. It is a practice that is being followed widely all throughout the world. For the purpose of mantra meditation, a japa mala is an excellent tool to count your chanting mantras and creates additional focus to bring one deeper into the world of meditation. A mala is used for prayers, intentions and for the purpose of counting the mantra that is being chanted. It is a string of beads that come in various form. However, Rosewood mala beads are the most popular one amongst all other types.

Calming and Refreshing

The best thing about Japa Mala Beads is that it helps in finding inner peace and also heals one inside out. The fragrance and soft yet sturdy beads are sure to make chanting interesting. The calming fresh rosewood tree scent has strong healing properties and provides instant refreshment to the users. Rosewood malas activate the heart chakra to promote compassion, love, kindness, and generosity.

How to care for wood mala beads

It needs to be understood that the rosewood malas get quite attractive and prettier as one starts to use it as a natural glow appears over it. One should be careful not to make it wet as this could bring down the overall look of the japa malas, however, it does not affect its functionality. If the rosewood beads start to dry out you can lightly rub some sesame oil on them to restore their luster.

Wear it your way

There are different ways one can wear a japa mala and this includes mala bracelet and mala necklace. Rosewood is the most commonly used Buddhist prayer beads that help disconnect with stress and anxiety which are the worldly signs and helps connect with serenity and beauty. Japa malas can be worn single stranded or double stranded as well. It all depends on what your requirements are and how you want to feel about the whole process.

Buy the best

Though there are plenty of japa malas out there, not all of them are pure and are expected to provide good results. In order to make sure you buy the best one, make sure that you choose the right source. Some top-notch and reliable sources ensure to provide japa malas that are pure and divine with stunning natural fragrance. Some even get it designed by artists and instill the purity by getting it stung by a yogi. When getting rosewood japa mala make sure to double check authenticity and reliability of the product so that one is able to attain inner peace and serenity successfully.

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