August 11, 2022

Outpatient detox services

You’ve admitted your addiction is a problem and are ready to start therapy and recovery, but there’s one more important decision to make: how will you detox? Outpatient detox services are popular for a number of reasons, but they aren’t the right fit for everyone. Here are some pros and cons to think about and discuss with your doctor or counselor:


Outpatient detox services let you live at home, with all its comforts. Your family and friends can also stay in touch, supporting you as you go through detox.

If you have a busy schedule and a lot of responsibilities, outpatient services can be a great fit. You can continue to study, work, and hold up your end of family responsibilities while you attend daily sessions at the detox center. Many sessions are offered on the evenings or weekends, making them very convenient.

Do you have a tight budget? Outpatient is often much more affordable than inpatient. It’s also covered by many insurance policies.

This kind of detox can be very empowering. You may feel more control over the process as you voluntarily go to the center each day. You can also learn recovery strategies and, that very day, practice them in the real world.

Outpatient programs often have family sessions. Here, your loved ones can get support with other people who also have a loved one with an addiction. They can also learn about what you’re going through and how they can best support your recovery.


If you stay in your old environment and participate in outpatient programs, you’ll be dealing with the same stresses and temptations that helped lead you toward addiction. You likely also know how to easily indulge in your addiction. Until you develop new coping skills through therapy, you may not be able to resist falling back on old habits.

Access to your family and friends may also be a con, here. Some of these people may be addicted and unwilling to seek treatment, or unsympathetic to your journey and keep drugs or alcohol around. These influences may derail your progress.

Detox can be unpleasant, painful, and difficult for both you and your loved ones. If your family members have a lot on their plate, they may not have the ability to be there for you at this time.

As your detox progresses, it may be difficult to stay motivated and keep appointments at the center. This is especially true if you feel very unwell.

Inpatient services offer 24-hour monitoring of your health. For outpatient, it’s a half hour a day or however long your sessions there are. If you have a severe addiction or very poor health, an inpatient program may be safer.

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