July 1, 2022

Mindfulness Is a Skill That Will Help Heal Your Body and Your Mind

Mindfulness is anability that once learn can help you be more, get more done and enjoy life more with less stress.


John Nolan and Joy Taylor are self-determining mindfulness teachers. They combine mindfulness with other holistic health improvement and mind-management technologies to help people get out of their mental and emotional hole they have fallen in and bring you back intolife that is flowing with more meaningful and pleasurable times.

A skill

Mindfulness training is learning a skill that you can practice to help improve many parts of your life. Currently it is being deeply researched due to the effects that this is having on many people who have learned the skill and practice it regularly. If you have been feeling dull lately, mindfulness practice can bring you back to life with your mind and body sharper.

Life changes

Here are only a few of the changes that have been experienced after regularly practicing mindfulness.

Physical health benefits include:

  • Lowering cholesterol, and high blood pressure
  • For chronic pain suffers, it is reducing need for painkillers
  • Rising energy levels
  • Lessening any indications of autoimmune diseases
  • Extending and improving the quality of life in those with terminal and severe life-threatening illnesses

Mental health benefits include:

  • Reducing stress
  • Reducing fears and phobias
  • Reducing anxiety levels
  • Reducing depression relapses
  • Reducing panic attacks
  • Increasing of confidence
  • Increasing levels of happiness

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is not what you think it’s a skill learned by developing the skill to notice what’s going on, right now, without any judgement, and with a certain quality of kindly attention.

Somewhat dry and academic

This description sounds somewhat academic and very dry and it gives absolutely no clues as to why so many people have invested large amount of their life developing the skills. Describing a mindful state is almost like trying to explain swimming or the taste of chocolate to somebody who has never experience either of them. It’s not something you do with your mind; it’s something you do with your entire body. It’s an entirely complete unified mind/body experience.

Many treasures

Knowing about mindfulness gives no hints as to its many riches. To really comprehend it you need to know it, through your own experience by learning as well as practicing the core skills.

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