August 11, 2022

High-Functioning Addicts: The Untold Story of Addiction

We often hear stories about substance abuse and addiction tearing apart families, creating severe financial distress, causing people to lose their jobs, and even leading to overdose and death. What about people who abuse drugs and alcohol who don’t experience these issues? Are they addicts too?

This is a type of addiction known as high-functioning addiction. A high-functioning addict lives their life and meets their responsibilities while still struggling with addiction. This situation may seem unproblematic, but the truth is, many people don’t even realize when they have an addiction because they don’t fit the typical stereotype of an addict. This can lead to a situation where the person never gets help and, eventually, can cause many more problems.

High-functioning addicts are still addicts, even though we don’t focus on this issue as a society as much as we should. In addition, many people in this situation refuse to admit to their addictions, especially because there are so many stigmas surrounding this disorder. They may say, “Well, I’m not that bad off,” even when problems do arise. Though still able to meet their daily expectations such as in work, school, and personal relationships, high-functioning addicts are in danger of many of the same issues regular addicts experience, including health problems, death, and overdose.

Individuals in this situation need treatment just like any other type of addict in order to get better. It is also important to remember that just because someone can function doesn’t mean they aren’t in need of help. It is never too early to seek treatment for addiction. Contact today to find the right treatment program for yourself or a loved one.

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