August 14, 2022

Choosing The Right Wholesale OTC Medicine Distributor

Wholesale OTC medicine distributors abide by strict guidelines, much like regulations governing whole distribution of prescription drugs. A-Plus Corporation has strong relationships with reliable manufacturers to obtain the supplies needed in USA-friendly clinics, medical facilities and pharmacies.

Guidelines And Restrictions On Wholesale OTC Medicine Distributors

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the proper labeling of OTC medications, the safety and effectiveness of OTC medicines. The FDA explains that in doing so, “We do not need individual state rules that would impose inconsistent regulations or create disruptions in the national marketplace.” This national uniformity ensures that the individual states do not create or adopt regulations inconsistent with those that differ from regulations set forth by the FDA.

The uniformity ensures that California-based A-Plus Corporation continues its 20-plus years of providing outstanding services and products that meet the same standards established by FDA guidelines. The high-quality inventory and ongoing commitment to service ensures that every healthcare provider remains satisfied with the company.

From Prescription To OTC Medicine

Over the past several years, some prescription drugs have become available over-the-counter, rather than requiring a prescription. This does not mean there are lax restrictions or regulations regarding wholesale OTC medicine distributors providing these medicines. In fact, the FDA points out that in addition to FDA review, the Non-Prescription Drug Advisory Committee assists the FDA in the evaluation of OTC medication product issues.

The placement of some products, such as medicines containing pseudoephedrine (PSE), behind pharmacy counters, does not affect wholesale OTC medicine distributors. It simply means that once the OTC product reaches the pharmacy, it is then up to the pharmacy to establish proper placement and to enforce any restrictions on the medicine.

How Do Wholesale OTC Medicine Distributors Remain Successful In A Growing Industry?

There are successful strategies for Wholesale OTC medicine distributors that have a history of providing the highest quality of services and products to providers. One successful strategy involves doing the work to achieve success and a reputation for providing custom-built services.
A-Plus Corporation provides the expertise of up-to-date supply management technology and industry-leading assets that lead to strong relationships with satisfied customers.

Wholesale OTC medicine distributors that realize the stringent regulations on OTC medicines likely have the reputation for meeting all safety requirements of OTC medications. The FDA actually requires a “Wider margin of safety for OTC medicines than for RX drugs” in the absence of direct physician supervision.

What does this mean for healthcare providers and pharmacies seeking cost-effective products from wholesale OTC medicine distributors? It means that when relying on a company such as A-Plus Corporation, there is a sense of confidence in knowing you receive the highest quality products that meet high standards required in the industry.


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