August 15, 2022

5 Tips For Healthy and Beauty Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, but it does not always receive proper attention in the mad rush of everyday life. Laser treatments, peels, dermo-cosmetics, and other dermatological indications are not accessible at all. And while the treatments have wonderful results, they are not the only options for beautiful, well-groomed skin.

We separate 5 simple (and powerful) practice tips that can be included in your routine to ensure balanced skin care order and healthy skin.


1. Clean skin is already halfway through

Including good skin cleansing in your routine ensures that makeup and pollution residues do not accumulate in the pores. This helps prevent inflammation, blackheads, and acne. Twice a day wash your face with a soap specific for your skin type and complement with the application of a toner. It will help eliminate possible waste and will prepare the skin for the application of products like moisturizers, makeup, and sunscreen.

2. Keep skin moisturized

In addition to the daily intake of water to ensure a better functioning of the body, it is important to use moisturizing products like colastrina preço. Even those who have oily or mixed skin (most of the Brazilian population) need to hydrate it daily. What changes is the type of cosmetic most suitable for this type of skin. According to the Brazilian Society of Dermatology – SBD, oil-free and water-based products do not increase the skin’s natural oiliness and guarantee the necessary hydration. After cleansing the face and body, apply the moisturizer without forgetting the areas of the hands, feet, and elbows.

3. If you play in clays

A great investment for home treatment is clays. With many different purposes and types available, clay is a natural product, and easy to apply, which, together with daily care, guarantees miracles in your skin. The most common are white and green clay – optimal in absorbing excessive oiliness and whitening of the skin (in the case of white clay). But one of the wildest is the gray clay. Because it is a natural antioxidant, it slows the aging of the skin, has whitening action, fights blackheads and pimples, and can even be used on the scalp to control seborrhea.

4. We all live in a tropical country, blessed by God and very sunny

One of the great villains of premature aging of the skin is the sun. Even on cloudy days, UVA and UVB rays can cross the clouds and attack our skin. Therefore, it is essential to include in your routine the use of sunscreen, be it chemical or physical (based on titanium dioxide and zinc oxide). The application should be done in all areas exposed to the sun and reapplied every two hours (or earlier, in case of excessive sweating or prolonged sun exposure). And it is always important to remember that solar radiation not only causes premature aging, but also skin cancer.

5. You are what you eat

It is no use escaping. Nothing that has been mentioned will have a good result if your diet is not rich in fruits, vegetables, and fiber. Eating that dick or pizza from time to time is released, but frequent ingestion of fatty foods, full of sugars and ultra-processed, causes your body to flush out the toxins in some way, and one of them is through the skin. So invest in natural foods, with little sugar, lots of fiber and preferably in the baked versions, that your body will respond in a very positive way and the first visible change will be on your skin.

Add these 5 steps to your routine and ensure healthy, well-groomed skin all year round. And remember that the follow up of the dermatologist is always important.

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