July 1, 2022

3 Top Needs of Hair Transplant in Women

The procedure of hair transplant in women is as same as that in men, except the need of it! As we all know that complete baldness is not peculiar in the case of women pattern hair loss, but it existed with various grades of a Norwood class in men started from NW1 and extended up to a maximum of NW7.

It has been scientifically found out that the case of Androgenic alopecia arises due to the genetic factor transferred from one generation to the next. Researchers and Doctor claim that the male sex hormone, known as Androgen is responsible for causing the hair loss/baldness issue. The Testosterone, which is a type of Androgen after a catalytic effect with the addition of 5-alpha-reductase, causes the production of DHT, i.e., Di-Hydro Testosterone is responsible for hair loss or baldness, termed as the Androgenic alopecia scientifically. However, it has been proven out that male sex hormone is a direct cause and hence female are not prone to occurring the state of complete baldness. The DHT sensitive hair roots present on the scalp, except the occipital & the parietal part (back & sides), affected severely and hair started getting fall/loss as well as miniaturized. Therefore, the safe donor part of the scalp, the back & sides are extensively used in the hair transplant procedure to collect the DHT-resistant roots for the purpose of implanting the same.

Now, it is a matter of evaluation that why a woman needs a hair transplant in Delhi and how is it effective to enhance the cosmetic appearance of the female. Thus, the need for the restoration procedure in women requires a careful evaluation with the context of hair transplant cost in Delhi to know the causative factor that must be analyzed by the hair transplant Surgeon as a most important job of the pre-procedure.

The procedure of hair restoration implies the most important job of a plastic & cosmetic surgery that is done through the process of transferring of hair follicles/graft from the donor location onto the recipient bald area of the scalp. The restoration procedure is followed by the extraction of grafts, dissecting the same, and ultimately the implantation where the bald area is visible on the scalp. So, the procedure of implanting the graft is both the surgical as well as the aesthetical job requires an extreme aesthetic skill of the hair transplant Surgeon.

The top 3 needs of Hair Transplant in Women are as follows:

1.To reduce wider Forehead:

The procedure of hair transplant is widely needed in female as an enhancing cosmetic procedure to reduce the wider forehead. Some female has a wider forehead by birth and it made a look an awkward that arises the need for restoration procedure. The hair transplant procedure is widely accepted in the motive to hide the wider forehead by implanting the feasible number of grafts on the front area of the scalp with a suitable hairline design.

2. To Hide the Extensive Hair thinning due to Androgenic alopecia:

The Androgenic alopecia or female pattern of baldness due to the genetic factor occurs in women, but also with a different form of hair loss started with the reducing the density of hair and extensive thinning. The female pattern of baldness is rated on the thinning extension that can affect the front, a top as well as the crown area that affect the looks awkwardly. The expert Surgeons perform the hair transplant procedure to hide the wider gap between the partition as well as severe thinning of hair.

3. To Improve Aesthetic Beauty:

The main goal of a hair restoration procedure is to enhance the beauty of a facial profile by implanting the desired number of hair grafts aesthetically. It helps in reducing the wide forehead, solving the hair thinning problem as well as having a main role in other cosmetic purposes such as an eyebrow hair transplant or the body hair transplant when a female patient is affected by a dull one!


On the whole, we can say that the female hair transplant has a great scope in the cosmetic surgery world and women are getting benefited by such an artistic surgery procedure in order to achieve the beautiful look back.

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