August 10, 2022

3 Benefits to CoolSculpting

There have been a lot of diet and weight loss trends over the past decade or so and, of course, not all of them have staying power.  Many are fad diets or tricks that might only work for some people or only under certain very specific circumstances. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should stay away from any of these emerging ideas, but rather that you should investigate which ones are backed by the best science.

And when it comes to weight loss and fat burning, there may be no better science than what a team of researchers developed at Harvard University: Coolsculpting.  While this is not necessarily a method for improving your health, it is a way that you can treat unsightly bulges and stubborn fat deposits as you lose weight or just to gain a little more confidence so you can start making healthier choices.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Some older fat reduction treatments involved surgery—often physical removal of tissue.  This can be complicated and even carry some inherent risks.  Fortunately, Mediluxe coolsculpting is non-surgical: just exposing fat cells to extreme cold until, essentially, they die and then can be sucked into an applicator.

No Needless Needles

Because CoolSculpting uses applicators that freeze cells in place, there is no need for needles of any kind.  CoolSculpting uses an applicator equipped with two freezer packs that have detectors which help to maintain a constant cold temperature. This minimized risk for freezer burn or for necrosis (cell death).  The bulge of fat you wish to remove is covered with a gel fabric that encourage fat aspiration while also protecting the skin.

Quick & Painless Treatment

Because there is no surgery and no needless it should not be too hard to believe that CoolSculpting is painless, as well. Yes, you might experience a slight pinching sensation during the first few minutes of the process but that could be categorized more as a mild discomfort than pain.  After this initial cooling period, though, there should be no more discomfort at all. It is also important to note that as the procedure ends and normal sensation returns there may be a slight tingling or itching that can also be a little uncomfortable at first; but that fades quickly.

Finally, CoolSculpting is quick.  Yes, the most advanced treatment can take up to 7 hours but there is very little recovery time. Furthermore, complications are minimal and can often be quickly and easily remedied.

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