5 weight loss mistakes we make

Childhood obesity has shockingly gone up by 400% over the past 300 years. Weight loss can seem to be pretty very hard to achieve. Sometimes we feel like we’re doing everything right, yet still not getting results. We may actually be hindering our progress by following misguided or out-dated advice. Here are 5 common mistakes we make when trying to lose weight.

1. Skipping meals

One of the most common weight loss mistakes is skipping meals. Skipping meals slows down our metabolism and also makes us much more likely to snack and overeat later in the day.

2. Restricting yourself too much

One of the most common pieces of advice for weight loss is to reduce portion sizes. It works when it is done right. But if we reduce portion sizes in such a manner that we are constantly feeling hungry then it’s obviously unhealthy! Also when our calorie intake is too low, our metabolism slows down which makes it harder to lose weight.

3. Lacking proper hydration

Are we drinking enough water? Well, probably not. The more hydrated we are, the better we feel and perform. If we are having below-optimal levels of hydration then it can vastly impede brain function, both from the perspective of cognitive function and the regulation of the nervous system. More water intake also leads to increased fat loss through improved kidney function and improved metabolic processes of fat loss.

4. Doing too much exercise

As soon as we think of weight loss techniques, the most common thing that comes to our mind is doing exercise. But, it is a classic mistake to do way too much exercise. With exercise, we might be burning some calories for a particular hour. But our body is slowly burning less and fewer calories the other 23 hours of the day which can eventually halt any progress we are making.

5. Having cheat days and cheat meals

Almost everyone might have said at some point, “Today is my cheat day!” Of course, you can have a cheat day but remember that having cheats days and cheat meals are a weight loss mistake which you should avoid. Just imagine having a few days of sticking to the diet and then a cheat day with lots of carbs, vegetable oil, and sugar. Well, isn’t it obvious that cheat days is one of the biggest weight loss mistakes?


Child obesity can lead to reduced confidence and depression. One of the finest tactics to prevent childhood obesity is to improve the diet and exercise habits of the entire family as most children do what they see.

This Is Why Resistance Bands Are So Useful When It Comes to Fit Body Tone

Everyone today is trying all that they can to bring about a healthier version of themselves to what they were some years back! And this is a good thing to do.

Coming to keeping fit and staying healthy, you have to ensure that you start eating right. Followed by this is to ensure that you have the right set of tools with you. The kind of tools which will help you stay fit and be an encouraging factor to a better version of you. In short, there are so many items today and gears which help you to get toned and reduce weight. One very simply remedies to staying fit and healthy are to get the Resistance Bands. These bands may seem to you as just simple rubber bands at first! But the hard work it does for your body will only be comprehended once you start using it on regular basis. To know more details about this wonderful gear to visit the link Fit Body Tone and start the transformation of a healthier you in no time.

Resistance bands may be the simplest of tools, look wise. But one of the most essential one when it comes to getting steady with strength training. It does so much for your body from shoulder press to chest presses, bicep curls, squatting, rows and a lot more than you could think at the first glance!

Let’s now understand how beneficial it is for our overall body and strength training-

Not pricy at all

The greatest part about this exercising device is, it offers you so much but you can get it at a very low price. Isn’t it incredible? Unlike other health gears which is not easy to buy and hence you have to end up in the gym if you are serious about your health and body. Many of them would be available within $15 or even at a lesser cost. It provides you the ability to get core muscles right and so much more.

Great for several fitness levels

Whether you are just a novice here or a gym trainer or anyone in that case, you will be able to adapt to in in no time. It comes with a flotilla of resistance, is not heavy and you can adjust the intensity as per the level you are in. if you want you can also use multiple bands all at once and work towards increasing the challenge.

Provides exercises for the entire body and not just a specific area

If you want to get workout for your entire body, you can go ahead with these bands alone. If you want to specify any specific area of your body or wish to tone particular group of muscles, you could even do that through this versatile band.

Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgeries for Losing Weight

Obesity is quickly becoming one of the most challenging diseases to cure.  Trying to lose weight the conventional way often fails.  If you need to lose weight because of other health problems, then surgery might be the answer for you.


There are many types of surgery for weight-loss and they are known jointly as “weight-loss & bariatric surgeries”.  These are surgeries that will alter your digestive system in order to help weight loss by restricting how much a person can eat, or by reducing the ability to reduce the absorption of nutrients or both.  As well as leading to weight loss, bariatric surgery may also lower high cholesterol and blood pressure.  Depending on which operation, patients often lose 30% to 50% of their extra weight within 6 months.

Types of surgery

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery

This is the most common done weight loss surgery. The surgeon first divides the stomach into two parts, one that is large and one small.  He then staples the small portion to make a small pouch.

Next, the surgeon takes the stomach pouch from the first part of the small intestine (the duodenum).  Then your stomach will be reconnected to the second part of the small intestine (the jejunum) – which makes the bypass.

After this gastric bypass, the patient will feel much fuller after only eating less food, so they lose weight.  The bypass also keeps the patient using fewer calories, which also helps in weight loss.

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding

This is the 2nd most common surgery. The surgeon uses laparoscopic tools to place an inflatable silicone band around the upper stomach.  The band is tightened around the stomach.  This band becomes a small pouch with an outlet that is narrow.

Gastric “Sleeve” surgery

The surgeon will take most of the stomach out and shapes the remaining stomach into a “sleeve” or tube shape.  It will remain attached to the small intestine. The stomach will only hold about 2-3 ounces of food. This procedure is permanent and cannot be reversed.

Vertical Banded Gastroplasty

The surgeon makes a small stomach pouch using staples and a plastic band.  People lose less weight with this operation than with others.

5 quick ways to lose weight before opting for bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery is a collective term for many types of weight-loss surgery. They are mainly done to help you lose stubborn excess weight that is not affected by dieting and exercise. This helps you keep away health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, gastroesophageal reflux disease, type 2 diabetes, etc.

Bariatric surgery, including gastric bypass, is done only after you try to lose weight by making dietary changes and exercising regularly. Following a restrictive diet is often compulsory before a bariatric surgery. Losing weight before the operation grants easier access to the site of operation, where the procedure is performed laparoscopically. It also reduces the duration of surgery and time of recovery. Fewer complications ensue for those who lose at least 10 percent of extra body weight. In some studies, people who followed a low-calorie diet experienced better results after the surgery. They had a greater loss of excess weight in the next one year, and a shorter stay at the hospital.

Here are five tips to start the pre-surgery weight loss:

  1. Cut down on: fatty food, sugar intake in the form of foods and drinks, and high-carbohydrate foods. Avoid binge eating.
  1. Eat more of: lean, high protein meats, legumes, poultry, eggs, seafood, vegetables, whole grains, and protein supplements.

  1. Watch what you drink: For a week or two, drink full liquids such as strained soup, fruit juice, skim milk, etc. along with clear liquids. Within one or two days before the surgery, switch to clear liquids only, such as water, herbal tea, broth, sugar-free gelatin, etc. Make sure that they do not contain sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and carbonation.
  1. Abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, and packaged products.
  1. Exercise regularly, and throw in more cardiovascular and muscle-building exercises with the help of a personal trainer or physiotherapist.

Even after the surgery is done, a specific diet should be adhered to so that the digestive system gets enough space and time to heal. The preoperative weight loss comes in handy and boosts the effects of the surgery’s long-term weight loss. To avoid regaining weight, make permanent changes in your lifestyle and exercise regularly. This way, the results last much longer and you will retain a proportionate body contour. Also, it is extremely important to have professional guidance in matters related to goal-oriented diet and exercise, especially if it is for the purpose of surgery. For good advice regarding a weight loss plan and suitable surgery options, consult experienced surgeons at a reputed organisation such as Apollo Spectra.

The Common Myths about Weight loss

Anybody who has tried to lose weight at some point will agree that it’s not an easy thing. It requires some effort and commitment. There is plenty of information out there about losing weight. Some have been proven not to be effective while others have not been proven yet.

People tend to lose weight differently; some will lose weight faster than others. But the truth is you cannot lose weight overnight. If you are looking to cut off some weight, these are some common misconceptions that you should watch out for; they should not sabotage your plans.

Regular swimming is one of the best ways to lose weight. You should consider having your own swimming pool built.

1. All calories are equal

A calorie is a measure of energy. All calories have equal energy content, but this doesn’t mean that all the sources of calories have the same effects on your weight.

Different foods go through different metabolic processes and they have different effects on hunger, and hormones that regulate your body weight. E.g., carbohydrate calorie is not the same as protein-calorie or fat calorie.

2. Avoiding carbs will make you lose weight fast

Many people try to avoid carbs when trying to lose weight. People think that carbohydrates can lead to weight gain. This is not true. Cutting out carbs in your diet can instead make you gain weight because you are missing out on fiber and fiber has been proven to help you lose weight.

3. You’ll see results immediately

If you have tried everything from avoiding junk food to eating a healthy diet and even exercising, but you see no results, don’t freak out because people are different and our bodies are different as well. There’re some factors to weight gain other than diet like the different metabolism, environmental factors, and set of hormones that can determine how much weight you gain or lose.

Therefore, noticing some results can take time. But it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen, you should be patient and consistent as you wait for the results. When trying to lose weight, you shouldn’t expect to notice immediate results the moment you start eating healthy and exercising.

4. People with obesity are unhealthy while thin people are healthy

The truth is that obesity is mostly associated with several chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and, even some cancers. But, some people are obese but are metabolically healthy while there’re thin people who have these chronic diseases.

It seems that fat in the abdominal area, or around the organs are risky and are associated with these chronic diseases, while the fat that build under the skin is considered to be of a cosmetic issue.

5. Diet pills or surgery are the best options

Sometimes people turn to some dangerous diet pills or surgery to lose weight faster. But these methods can be risky, and don’t always translate to the desired results. Weight loss and diet pills are mostly ineffective and harmful to your health. Some of the pills like phentermine are associated with such risks as increasing your blood pressure, disrupting your heartbeat, etc.

Weight-loss surgery such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve can be successful but it doesn’t mean that everybody will be a good candidate. These surgeries can also come with risks such as blood clots, breathing problems, and infection. So unless your doctor recommends or prescribes diet pills or bariatric surgery, don’t rely on them to lose weight.

What to Do When You Need to Get Fit Fast

If you have waited until the last moment to think about your beach body, you may be panicking a bit right now. It’s the end of spring and the heat is all around. The amount of clothes people wear is slowly reducing and the beach weather is upon us.

However, don’t despair, this season is not lost for you just yet. You can still do something about it, if you are ready to put in some work in the gym, as well as in your kitchen. Here’s what the experts like personal trainers say works.

Adjusting Your Diet to Your Goals

If you go online and search for fitness tips, you will find that most experts claim that anywhere between 50 and 95{f836da2089c4f6ac041f592a32b2c3a6b29da20f6bd03832a46b7a74d907c6fd} of all your achievements at the gym boil down to your diet. How accurate these numbers are, depends and changes from person to person, as well as their goals at the gym. However, one thing is indisputable – your diet is important.

If you are looking to lose weight, probably the best place to start is calorie counting. Before you eat or drink anything, check how many calories you will be ingesting. You will be amazed how quickly the numbers add up. It’s high time you quit eating junk food and drinking sugary drinks. Instead, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as lean meats will get you through the day with just about enough calories you need.

Go For Complex, Full-Body Exercises

If you do one type of exercises repeatedly, you can only go so far. Activating only a single group of muscles will probably be good for that body part and that muscle group, but overall, the results will be minor. And if you are in a hurry, that will not do.

Instead, try implementing as many complex exercises which incorporate at least two or three groups of muscles. Not only will your whole body be activated, but you will also increase your heart rate and your metabolism, which directly leads to weight loss. Another benefit of this type of exercise is that it saves you some time. Instead of going through the list of individual muscle groups, you can do them all at once.

HIIT Produces Results and Fast

A lot of people are a bit squeamish when it comes to the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) because it makes you push yourself to the maximum of your abilities by doing as many repetitions in a short time as you can. However, this type of exercise is ideal for weight loss and muscle gain alike. Consult a personal trainer if you need help picking out exercises.

Simply put, you are shocking your body into thinking that it needs to produce as much energy as possible as soon as possible. This will burn through your fat much quicker than the traditional exercises.

Strength Exercises

Even if you aren’t quite ready for the HIIT type of exercise, you should still invest some of your time into strength exercises, for the same reason. Strength exercises like deadlift and bench press require a lot of energy and even if you are not pushing your body to its limits, you are still draining a lot of energy which needs to be replenished.

What’s more, when your heart rate goes up, so does your metabolism, meaning you will burn through the calories which you ingested much faster, leaving your body no other option than to burn the fat reserves.

If you haven’t exercised in a while, rest assured that you can pick it up really quickly. In fact, the first result will be much more visible and will be apparent much faster than you expect. And even though the progress will slow down over time, by that time, you should develop a habit of going to the gym and your path to a healthier lifestyle should be well trodden.

How to Do Military Diet Shopping?

If losing the weight is your desire, then you need to follow the military diet. The military weight loss plan includes effective meals and foods that contribute to your weight loss. You can go behind the military weight loss plan until you become fit and in shape. Military diet is easy to follow, but you need to have the things that you have to follow the military diet. If that is the case with you, you need to do shop the list of foods that you want for military diet.

No matter, where you shop for the military diet list, but you have to shop the right foods that can make some sense to the 3 day military diet shopping. Shopping the list of foods that pave the way for the military diet is important. You cannot follow the military diet without having the foods that do not concern the military diet.

What to Shop for the Military Diet?

The military diet shopping list includes the following things,


  • 2 apples
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 grapefruit

Meat and Eggs

  • 500 grams of tuna fish
  • Six eggs
  • 3 ounces of any meat


  • 100 grams of green beans
  • 100 grams of carrot
  • 100 grams of broccoli

Bread and Cheese

  • 100 grams of cheddar cheese
  • 5 to 6 pieces of bread slices
  • 100 grams of cottage cheese


  • 50 grams of peanut butter
  • 400 grams of vanilla ice cream
  • Two hot dogs without the bun
  • A pack of saltines

These are the food items that you have to shop for the military diet plan. You can either choose the online store or offline store for buying the military diet foods. If you choose the online store, you can able to shop the things from the comfort of your dashboard. You can explore and choose the online food store that could get hold of all the food items that are available at the reasonable cost. This is how you have to plan for shopping the military foods.

Benefit From Working with a Personal Trainer

Maybe you are one of those highly motivated people who get up early, run a few miles, heads to work, eat a healthy lunch and then after work, hit the field for a softball game before turning in. You’re in shape; you have your fitness in check. If this doesn’t sound like you (and let’s face it; that’s most of us), you may need a little extra help to shed those pounds, eat better and stay on task. If you could use that extra push to improve your health and body, a personal trainer could be the next best thing to liposuction! We spoke to some personal trainers from Tucson, Arizona (https://boxingincorporated.com/) to get their feedback on their trainers and how effective they can be. Here are some pointer we came away with.

The best part about having a personal trainer versus having major surgery is you don’t have to worry about going under the knife to achieve your goals. A personal trainer can work with you, one on one, to help you get stronger, get leaner and get healthier! The trainer can show you the proper way to get into shape and how to maintain it with a proper diet and exercise routines.

The first step is to find someone you trust to help you with setting your goals. Then you must ask yourself: are you looking for someone to help you long term or someone to get you on track? Committing to a personal trainer for six sessions is different than working on a three-year plan. The former can give you tips, ideas, and knowledge on how to pursue certain goals while the former will truly help you transform your body into a lean, mean workout machine.

Once you have decided exactly what you are looking for from a trainer, you will want to discuss your goals with him or her to make sure they are reasonable and achievable. You will want to find someone who can inspire you to work harder but push you hard enough to give you results. People have a tendency to work harder if they know someone is holding them accountable, and that is probably the biggest plus to having a personal trainer. Not only do you have someone who knows about fitness and drills, but someone who will push your body to its limits, in the best way possible!

Also, the best personal trainers are ones who have credentials. Your trainer should have CPR certification, for one, and who has a certification from a reputable source, like the National Strength and Conditioning Association. You can also seek out someone who has a nutrition background, or kinesiology, depending what is most important to you.

Once you have found a personal trainer who has all the right credentials for your purposes, make sure that he or she is a good personality fit. If the trainer doesn’t engage with you or make you feel challenged, you may want to try someone else. Or, if the trainer’s motivational style doesn’t seem to work for you, move on to a new trainer. You won’t reach your goals if you don’t feel challenged or motivated.

Just because you start working out with a trainer, don’t have unrealistic expectations. This is not an overnight process; it is a journey. To gauge how you are progressing, other than pounds and inches, you should determine if you feel stronger, better, if you have increased stamina, or even see your doctor to see how working out is affecting your overall health and wellbeing. A workout regime has proven to help people through bouts of depression, so the benefits are not just measured in weight loss.

One thing a trainer will do it ensure you are exercising properly. He or she will be there to tweak your technique, to change up your routine and give you the guidance you need to see the results you desire. The trainer may start you off with the FITT Principle—frequency, intensity, time and type of workout to assist in the pursuit of your goals. You are paying for innovative ideas; pick your trainer’s brain when it comes to exercises that are “out of the box”. Circuit training or running the stairs at the local library may have never occurred to you; ask your trainer for tricks to keep your workouts fresh. Make sure the trainer starts you off at your pace; if he or she has you overdo your workout; you are less likely to stick with your routine. A trainer can give you new workouts to try to mix up your regime and to work different muscle groups. While your goal may be to have toned arms, you can’t forget about your midsection in the process!

If you need someone to give you a little extra push, even if you are an experienced athlete, a personal trainer can be that person. Say you want to train for a triathlon; a trainer can assist you with the best way to strengthen and prepare your body for this arduous task. Or, you could have a medical ailment or physical limitation and a personal trainer can help you with the best possible routine and workout rotation to keep you from doing exercises that could be detrimental instead of helpful. If you do have a medical condition, it is important that you convey this information to your trainer. You will also want to make sure your doctor clears you for exercise before you start a strenuous session.

Oftentimes, you can hire a personal trainer to come into your home to help you work out. If you have gym equipment and just need some advice, some motivation and some accountability, having someone come to your home gym might be all you need to get back in shape. This is also a great option if you are “gym shy” and don’t like to get all sweaty in front of a bunch of strangers. Your personal trainer can also make some suggestions as to which new equipment to buy to add to your gym.

Regardless of your reason to hire a personal trainer, it is an excellent idea if you are serious about getting into better physical shape. Find someone who can solidly build a regime around your experience, your abilities and your desired goals.

5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Today people seem to be busier than ever, even with all the automation and electronic devices that are designed to execute so many tasks for us, it still seems like there isn’t time for anything. As we get older it’s important that we maintain our health, but not everyone can find time to exercise and when they do, they may not be getting the most out of their experience. So when it comes to fitness and exercise you need to make sure that the time spent is actually getting you the results you are after.

Unless you are a fitness expert, have extensive knowledge of weight loss, or are a dieting guru, you will need some expert insight to properly attack your weight loss goals and get the results you desire. You need someone that is going to formulate a plan, set achievable goals, and see you through to the end. You need a challenging workout program that isn’t going to turn you off from training but will challenge you at the same time and get you the results you need. Throughout that process you will find that there will be times that your body is sore, your mind is tired, and you don’t feel like training, but you must find a way to push through and a personal trainer is a perfect person to assist you along this journey.

Finding a qualified personal trainer should be your primary focus so you can get the proper teacher in front of you, one that can motivate you, one that can guide you, and one that can create an achievable game plan and help you execute it. You may or may not be able to afford a personal trainer on a regular basis, so hiring an online nutrition coach to create a diet plan may be a cheaper alternative and would at least help you get your diet right. If you have the financial ability to afford a personal trainer and an online nutrition coach then I would suggest you invest in both. Each are experts in their respective fields, and both of them provide a ton of value. If you can only afford one of these specialists then I would have to say the personal trainer is definitely the route to go. Here are my 5 top reasons why you should hire a personal trainer.

My Top 5 Reasons to Hire A Personal Trainer

1. Getting the Most Out Of Your Workouts

If you are going to commit to this then you don’t want to waste time doing something that doesn’t get you the results you are searching for. You can spend hundreds of dollars and hours at the gym and you still won’t get the results you are after if you are not targeting the right exercises, getting your heart rate at up to an appropriate level for your age and weight, and watching your diet. You need a personal trainer to monitor your process and encourage you along the way. There are personal trainers online that can guide you through web video streams and provide nutritional insight. We found these guys are really popular in Arizona http://thebodyshopgilbert.com/site/index.php/.

2. Staying Safe

Many people get really excited about the potential of getting into shape, they sign up for the gym and jump in to start attacking that belly fat. But if there was not a previous history of weight lifting or exercise then there is most likely a lack of knowledge on how to use that equipment. Not knowing how to properly train can result in injury and really derail your progress. This can kill momentum and become a thorn in your motivational side. Stay safe and train responsibly so that you can reach your goals, lose weight, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

3. Proper Technique

This plays of the previous one and is extremely important if you want to maintain this lifestyle change for the long run. Having someone in the gym with you to show you the fundamental elements of the exercises is very valuable for a beginner. Form, posture, and movement can make all the difference between a successful day in the gym and an injury that keeps you out of the gym for months. There is a proper way to do every exercise and having the guidance to perform each of them properly and effectively is a great way to stay on track with your weight loss goals.

4. Nutrition And Supplements

The more time you spend in the gym the more your body is going to need to be replenished with vitamins, nutrients, and proteins. Knowing how to replenish your system, when to replenish, and what to replenish it with is important. There are windows of time that the body needs this fuel. There are pre-workout supplements, post workout supplements, protein drinks for weight gain, pure protein drinks, and so many more options on the market for you to take it’s rather ridiculous. It’s definitely not something that is easy to navigate if you don’t know what you are looking for. Like anything else out there, there is junk, and there are quality supplements. Do your research or trust in a personal trainer that does it for a living.

5. Weight Loss And Fitness Results

At the end of the day you are doing this for one reason, results! So if you are getting the most out of your workouts, staying safe, using proper technique, and refueling your body properly you will get the results you are in need of. Getting healthy through proper fitness is the best way to go about it. In my opinion, if you can lose the weight through proper dieting and exercise then you will not only maintain it longer but it’s the healthier option. So many people go into these weight loss clinics, receive some shots, and some appetite suppressants and lose a lot of weight in a few months. It’s the quick fix mentality and it’s not healthy and the results usually don’t last as long. Anyone who loses weight without hard work definitely doesn’t appreciate the results as much as someone who has trained hard and ate well to earn those results. Hire a personal trainer to get you the weight loss results you want. You can also check out this article about losing weight according to NBC News.

Weight Loss Surgery in Houston: Deciding Which Procedure Is Best for You

Bariatric surgery is a very effective way of attaining and sustaining significant weight-loss. There are a variety of weight-loss operation procedures that are currently available for those who are considering weight loss surgery.  Choosing among gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding, Sleeve gastrectomy and Duodenal switch can be a difficult task. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing the best weight loss surgery Houston offers.

What is your expected weight-loss?

The amount of weight you lose will largely depend on the type of surgery you choose. With gastric bypass, you are likely to lose 65 – 75 percent of your excess weight and sleeve gastrectomy 55 – 60 percent. With gastric banding, it is possible to lose 70 -90 percent depending on how you follow-up, but most people will lose around 50 -60 percent of their excess weight.

However, to get back within the healthy weight range of (BMI of 20–25 kg/m2), other factors must come into play. You should follow up and work on all necessary lifestyle changes including diet and exercise to achieve long-term weight loss success.

How soon do you expect the results?

The type of surgery you choose will determine how long it will take for you to lose excess weight. The gastric bypass will give rapid results within 6-12 months of operation. With bypass and gastric surgeries, most people reach their target weight loss 18 months after their operation. However, with gastric banding, the weight loss is slower but steadier with patients reaching their expected weight loss over 2-5 years.

What other health problems do you have?

Your medical history should dictate the choice of your surgical procedure. If you have other weight-related health problems, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or sleep apnea, a weight loss procedure that produces rapid results would be a good choice. In this case, a gastric bypass would be applicable now that you don’t have enough time to experiment with other minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Are you Able to Follow-up?

For the procedure to be effective, you will need to attend frequent follow-up appointments. Keeping regular doctor’s appointments after surgery is very necessary for gastric banding patients since the band has to be adjusted regularly for it to be effective. Weight loss surgery patients will need to see the dietitian regularly within the first two years of surgery to make sure they have adequate nutrition. It is therefore important to visit the hospital regularly for follow-ups to ensure that you are losing weight safely, and to achieve maximum weight loss.

Is the procedure Reversible?

Though some of the procedures are reversible, reversing them results in weight regain. Reversal procedures also have a higher risk attached to them compared to the initial procedure.

If you are looking for the safest reversible weight loss surgery Houston has to offer; a band is the best choice for you since it can be safely removed. However, the surgeon is likely to remove the band only if there are compelling reasons. A gastric bypass is also reversible, but it is more complex and risky. A sleeve gastrectomy, on the other hand, is irreversible.